mulberry selfridges Cyber Monday bubbling magma discovered under New England states

Discount mulberry macbook bag Outlet bubbling magma discovered under New England states

Using the National Science Foundation EarthScope program, the researchers examined two years worth of seismic data measured by thousands of seismic measurement devices 46.6 miles apart across the continental United States.

According to the NSF, the EarthScope program to reveal the structure and evolution of the North American continent and the processes that cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, Rutgers Today reported last month.

Here what you should know about the recent discovery:

What exactly are seismic waves and what can they tell researchers?

Levin refers to seismic waves as that pass through our planet following earthquakes. He told Rutgers Today that understanding seismic waves means understanding more about Earth interior. They reveal shapes of objects, changes in the state of materials and clues about their texture. >> Related: Yellowstone supervolcano could erupt much sooner than predicted, study reveals

Under which states is the magma located?

The newfound magma is under parts of Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Should New England residents panic?

According to the Rutgers researchers, residents living above the magma (those in Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire) don need to panic or evacuate.

will likely take millions of years for the upwelling to get where it going, Levin said.

And if and when volcanoes do appear in New England, the eruption won be as devastating as the devastation scientists expect from the Yellowstone supervolcano.

is not Yellowstone (National Park) like, but it a distant relative in the sense that something relatively small no more than a couple hundred miles across is happening, Levin said.

But the next step, Levin said, is to understand how exactly this upwelling underneath New England is happening.

Why is this discovery so groundbreaking?

According to Levin, the research challenges textbook concepts of geology.

Atlantic margin of North America did not experience intense geologic activity for nearly 200 million years, Levin told Rutgers Today. But now it a margin a region where slow loss of heat within the Earth and erosion by wind and water on the surface are the primary change agents. Levin said he and his team didn expect to uncover abrupt changes in physical properties beneath this region.
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designer outlet nottingham Brianna Denison legacy

Meanwhile investigators had matched DNA left on the door knob and couch where she was last seen, to that from previous attacks on women near the university. They knew they were looking for a serial rapist.

Then nearly four weeks later, her body was found in an empty field in south Reno. Bring Brianna Home became Bring Brianna Justice.

Justice came nearly a year later when a call to Secret Witness gave a potential name to that DNA evidence. Twenty seven year old James Biela was arrested and charged with kidnapping, sexual assault and murder. Convicted, he received the death penalty and is today on death row at the maximum security prison in Ely.

But Brianna’s family wasn’t done. Forensic science had made the case,
mulberry purple bag Brianna Denison legacy
but it had come late. Biela had a previous felony arrest for domestic violence, but no DNA was taken.

“The real irony is if the law had evolved with technology ten years ago it’s entirely possible that Mr. Biela would have been in custody for the original kidnapping and assault and would not have been in a position where he could have taken Brianna,” says Jenkins.

A chance was needed, but the cause needed a face and a story so the family took it on. It would require years more of painfully recounting their loss at legislative hearings, but Denison says it was a step they determined to take.
mulberry purple bag Brianna Denison legacy

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A fire official said the fire started when a 3 year old boy played with burners on a stove. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the fire raced through an open apartment door and up the five story building’s stairwell, chasing residents as they fled.

Thirteen members of the family lived in the building.___

A family is still waiting to find out what became of a relative who was staying in a New York City apartment building where a fast moving fire killed 12 people.

Twum Bredu said Friday he hasn’t yet gotten news of his 28 year old brother, Emmanuel Mensah. Mensah was staying with a family that escaped safely from Thursday night’s fire in a five story Bronx building.

But no one could find Mensah. His family checked four hospitals.

Bredu says the family’s still looking and hoping for word of him. He says: “That’s my prayer.”

Commissioner Daniel Nigro says the blaze was accidentally ignited by a 3 year old boy playing with the burners on his mother’s stove.

It was the city’s deadliest fire in decades, excluding the Sept.

New York City’s fire commissioner says a stairwell acted like a chimney and quickly spread a deadly fire that was started by a child playing with a stove.

Commissioner Daniel Nigro said Friday that the 3 year old boy had a history of playing with stove burners.

Twelve people, including four children, were killed in the Bronx apartment building fire Thursday night. Four people are still fighting for their lives. He says everyone has been accounted for.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says investigators believe a Bronx fire that killed 12 was caused by a child playing with a stove.

De Blasio said Friday on WNYC that four people are still fighting for their lives following the fire Thursday night in the Bronx.

The New York Police Department says those who died include girls ages 1, 2 and 7, and a boy. His age was not given.

Some residents made it down fire escapes. But the flames moved so fast that many never made it out of their apartments.

Police say four children are among the 12 people killed in New York City’s deadliest residential fire in decades.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday on CNN that other people are still fighting for their lives. The Democrat says first responders saved at least 12 lives.

The New York Police Department says those who died in the Bronx fire Thursday night include girls ages 1, 2 and 7, and a boy. His age was not given.

Some residents made it down fire escapes. But the flames moved so fast that many never made it out of their apartments.
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LACOMBE, Alta. Christopher Cattrall, the brother of and the City star Kim Cattrall, has been found dead on his property in rural southern Alberta, according to police.

The actress tweeted Sunday afternoon that she and her family were announcing Christopher passing less than 24 hours after she took to Instagram to ask for help in searching for her brother.

this time we ask for privacy,
Discount mulberry ledbury handbag Outlet brother of actress Kim
Cattrall said in the post. want to thank you all on social media for your outpouring of love and support in this trying time. had said the 55 year old was last heard from on Tuesday, and was believed to have been at his home on a rural property in Lacombe, Alta., at the time.

Police said in a news release Sunday afternoon that Cattrall body was found on that property.

investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death will continue by the RCMP, but preliminary information indicates that his death is not being considered suspicious,
Discount mulberry ledbury handbag Outlet brother of actress Kim
RCMP said in the release.

Police said they would not be commenting further on the case out of respect for the family.

Police did not confirm those details.

RCMP Cpl. Laurel Scott said earlier Sunday that a relative checked Cattrall home on Friday and that when police were notified he was missing. She said police and search and rescue had checked the property.

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mulberry purses Burying the Myth of Survivorship Bias

If not the coffin, we have at least a few nails toward dispelling the conventional wisdom about survivorship bias in hedge fund indexes. Our empirical research will demonstrate that hedge funds more often stop reporting returns following periods of positive performance, not when they are likely dying off.

What is survivorship bias? Survivorship bias is the distortion of an index that results from not including certain members in the average. If the funds with poor results dissolve, the remaining positive funds cause the average to overstate the industry average. This issue has been assessed and quantified numerous times across many stock and mutual fund indexes. Since some of these indexes do not include members that have failed, the index is distorted by the exclusion of negative events.

As mutual funds are registered securities, active funds must report their results. Funds with good performance continue to existnd as registered securities must report so the average always includes positive members. Therefore, the exclusion of deceased funds skews the average by excluding those members that had poor results. This creates a bias toward the results of surviving funds. The resulting overstatement of performance is known as survivorship bias.

There are several critical elements contributing to survivorship bias in stock

market indexes. Foremost, the loss of a member is due to below average performance (thus distorting the average upward); ongoing positive performers can and don stop reporting their results. Second, reporting is mandatory, thus the index represents the universe of stock or mutual funds alternatives. We have no dispute that survivorship bias is alive and well in stock and mutual fund indexes. However, this issue has also been expropriated from the public realm and misapplied to the private world of hedge funds and their indexes.

oth studies indicate that survivorship bias in hedge fund indexesmay actually cause an understatement of returns available from hedge fund investing./p>

These distorting elements do not exist in the world of hedge funds. There may be other issues clouding the picture, but not survivorship bias. On the other side of the looking glass, hedge funds cease to report results for two reasons: strong performance leading to a losingof the fund to new investors and poor performance losuresleading to new careers for the partners. As well, unlike their publicly registered counterparts,
mulberry bags john lewis Burying the Myth of Survivorship Bias
hedge funds report voluntarily to one or more industry databases that compile indexes from those funds that choose to be included. As a result, hedge fund indexes represent only a general proxy for the industry rather than a comprehensive measure of it.

Most hedge fund databases generally exist to provide funds and investors access to each other. Hedge funds that are closed to new investors have less incentive to provide return information. As a result, hedge fund indexes are not comprehensive. In addition, funds that do report may later choose to stop reporting not only due to poor performance, but also due to strong performance. This creates a distribution of events that could either overstate or understate the industry averages and leads to a key question: arethere more poor performers leaving than strong performers bowing out?

Why do we even raise this question when, of course, everyone knows that hedge funds are risky investments and are constantly lowing up only to bury their investorscapital balances. Not so fast.

In two separate studies, we have attempted to quantify the impact of survivorship bias among hedge fund indexes. Both studies produced similar results. In the first, we assessed a series of sixty funds that had ceased to report results to a recognized hedge fund database. The returns from each fund were reviewed for their performance during the prior three months and twelve months. Funds with negative performance were marked as possible losures,whereas those with positive results were considered losingsto new investors. We found that almost two thirds of funds that ceased to report had positive results preceding the end of their reporting.

The second and more comprehensive study included 462 hedge funds that had stopped reporting over a number of years. The funds were assessed for their performance over the three, six, and twelve month periods prior to their last report. For the entire group, the results were substantially similar to the first study: only about one third of funds had poor returns through the point of voluntarily ceasing to report.

Both studies indicate that survivorship bias in hedge funds is skewed heavily toward losings(to new investors) rather than losures(going out of business). Given the lack of reporting requirements and the potential for both positive and negative drivers within the hedge fund industry, survivorship bias may actually cause an understatement of returns available from hedge fund investing.

Neither of our studies purports to qualify for the financial journals. Wee seeking to provide balance to what has been a onesided case. The studies represent empirical and anecdotal evidence that compellingly dispels the tenet of survivorship bias. Though the results of our studies are not conclusive, they clearly indicate that further work is needed to quantify the survivorship bias in hedge fund indexesnd the amount by which their returns actually may be understated.
mulberry bags john lewis Burying the Myth of Survivorship Bias

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womens leather travel bag Buckingham Palace

In a statement, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: “It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from Her Majesty personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner.”

The Sun managing editor defended the paper decision to release the footage.

“I understand that they don like this coming out but I also feel, on a relatively purist basis, that the role of journalists and the media is to bring to light things that happened.”

Most people will see these pictures in their proper context and time. This is a family playing and momentarily referencing a gesture many would have seen from contemporary news reels.

No one at that time had any sense how it would evolve. To imply anything else is misleading and dishonest.

The Queen is around six years of age at the time and entirely innocent of attaching any meaning to these gestures.

The Queen and her family service and dedication to the welfare of this nation during the war, and the 63 years The Queen has spent building relations between nations and peoples speaks for itself.
Discount mulberry leaf tea Outlet Buckingham Palace

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We’ve tested the previous T100 twice before in this size, and it hasn’t impressed. So this result represents a major turnaround for the giant company, which insiders indicate has changed its development philosophy.It’s something we’ve seen in sub brand Firestone’s new Roadhawk, and now here with the new T001 EVO. There’s been more focus on compounding, which is key to wet performance an area where Bridgestone has failed to shine previously.That wasn’t the case this time on its home track. Across all the wet tests it was second best only to the accomplished Continental. It scored well on aquaplaning, with a win on the tricky curve and a close fourth in the straight assessment.It was second in wet braking admittedly a step behind the Continental and a closer runner up on the wet track. Here good traction paid dividends,
Discount mulberry bag names Outlet Bridgestone Turanza T001 review
pulling the car through the turns instead of pushing wide. It gave it a positive, sharp feel, plus the balance was good through the long turn.It was up with the leaders in the dry, too, plus proved one of the quietest tyres here. And while it was in the middle of the pack for economy, trailing the best,
Discount mulberry bag names Outlet Bridgestone Turanza T001 review
it was in good company.Buy the Bridgestone Turanza T001 tyre from Black Circles herePrevious: 2. Dunlop Sport BluResponse Next: 4. Kumho Ecsta HS51.

Discount mulberry online sale Outlet Buildings destroyed in massive Petersburg fire

mulberry clutch bag black friday Buildings destroyed in massive Petersburg fire

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) “[I’ve] never seen anything like it,” explained neighbor Bobby Milford. “The sky was completely orange, and the flames were leaping up higher than the tree lines.”Fire officials said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that the fire started at a vacant building and then spread to the High Street Lofts through a catwalk that connected the two buildings.”We saw the heat and the building right next to us on fire,” said resident Nathan Estrada. “Right outside our window.”The townhomes at 422 High Street and the old Seward Luggage factory at 424 High Street were totally destroyed.”422 is what’s really gone. Those are the people who won’t have anywhere to go,” said Milford.His home security camera captured the flames from about a block away. Milford says he saw the flames for the first time when a friend who lives at the nearby High Street Lofts evacuated and frantically knocked on his front door.Two people were rescued during the blaze, fire officials said, but no major injuries were reported.Crews from Chesterfield, Hopewell, Henrico, Prince George, Colonial Heights and Fort Lee, worked alongside Petersburg to contain the fire and the heavy smoke that filled the air most of the day.Working into the night, crews demolished parts of the building left standing. Deputy Fire Chief Brian Strudivant says an unstable chimney was causing concern.Fire officials say there is no cause yet. Investigators are still working to determine what may have sparked the massive blaze.According to Brian Hahl, property manager for Monroe Properties, “about five townhomes were completely destroyed, and the severity of damage to the remaining four is still in question.”The High Street fire has been completely contained with the help of mutual aid from the surrounding jurisdictions of Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Ft. Lee, Prince George, Dinwiddie, and Richmond.As this time, the cause of the fire is unknown and there are no reported injuries or casualties. Dominion Energy has commenced work to restore power to Cross Street, however, due to downed power lines and limited street access, updates are pending for power restoration in other areas.There will be no access to the High Street site for a minimum of 48 hours. Tenants should plan for an extended 72 hours.Red Cross Virginia is still working will residents to provide relocation assistance and other services. Any displaced residents can reach the Red Cross at 804 481 5521.Anyone needing further assistance can also call the Non Emergency line at 804 732 4222.On Wednesday, Petersburg released the following new details:As this time, the cause of the fire is unknown and investigations are underway. There are no reported injuries or casualties. Dominion Energy is continuously working to restore power to High Street. Power is expected to be restored soon, however, there is no definitive time for complete restoration.Access remains limited to the High Street site; however, residents of 420 High Street only can return to retrieve small items. Petersburg Police will be on site at 420 High Street from 11am 4pm on January 17, 18 and 19 to assist residents. Proper identification is required.RED CROSS ASSISTINGThe Red Cross is providing a warming shelter at the Petersburg Area Transit Station to impacted residents.”Our first priority is to support the immediate needs of residents displaced as a result of this fire,” said Red Cross Communications Director, Jonathan McNamara. “Over the coming hours we will work with Petersburg Fire and City officials to determine the full scope of how our volunteers can best assist all those in need of support.”The Red Cross remained on scene offering support, while it is still unknown how many people have been left without a home.”Providing, hot meals comfort items as well as health services to any of the displaced residents,” explained McNamara.
Discount mulberry online sale Outlet Buildings destroyed in massive Petersburg fire

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mulberry daria hobo black friday Brothers nabbed in property crime case

Two brothers are in jail after Spokane Valley detectives found $30,000 in stolen motorcycles and other equipment in their storage unit last week.

Neal T. Johnson, 45, was arrested after Detective Brad Gilbert obtained a search warrant for his unit at Secure It Storage, 18815 E. Cataldo Ave., and saw Johnson entering the unit last Monday. Johnson’s brother, 55 year old Kim D. Johnson,
Discount mulberry daria sale Outlet Brothers nabbed in property crime case
was arrested shortly after arriving at the storage unit, according to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

Inside the unit, detectives found a Honda 250 Enduro motorcycle stolen Nov. 10, a 2008 Vespa scooter stolen in July and two pickup engines and transmission that Washington State Patrol Detective Jeff Thoet said were stolen, according to a news release.

They also found a $10,000 diesel welder and generator stolen from a Morgan Osgood Construction Co. storage site near the Barker Bridge last July.

The Johnsons are at the Geiger Confinement Center after appearing in Superior Court last week on stolen property and theft charges. They’re to be arraigned on Tuesday.

Neal Johnson’s criminal history includes covnictions for drugs, theft,
Discount mulberry daria sale Outlet Brothers nabbed in property crime case
burglary and possession of stolen property. Kim Johnson was sentenced to 15 months in prison in 2007 after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance.

mulberry cecily bag Busch warns Utah it may start dropping 3

mulberry wallets black friday Busch warns Utah it may start dropping 3

SALT LAKE CITY It kind of reads like a breakup letter to Utah’s beer drinkers.

Anheuser Busch, a part of the world’s largest brewery, has put Utah beer wholesalers on notice that in 2018, there may be fewer brands on store shelves as it stops making 3.2 beer. That’s because Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas who represent more than 60% of the total 3.2 beer drinkers in America are all moving to sales of heavier brews in 2018 and 2019.

“Once the changes take effect, Utah will be the largest consumer of 3.2% ABW beer, and 3.2% ABW beer will make up only 0.5% of the entire beer sales in the United States,” the Dec. 1 letter, obtained by FOX 13, states.

“Given this reality, we are beginning a process to evaluate our 3.2% ABW beer portfolio, including considering package reductions up to 40% of those currently offered to Utah consumers. This would mean a decline from 113 packages to less than 70, and going from a range of 20 brands to 12.”3.2 beer changes may be coming to Utah, lawmakers hint

Put another way, Anheuser Busch said,
mulberry cecily bag Busch warns Utah it may start dropping 3
the reduction in projects means that Utah consumers would be offered less than 6% of the packages sold to the rest of the nation. The letter does not state which brands, from Budweiser and Michelob to Shock Top, it could potentially drop.

“MillerCoors is telling me basically the same thing that Anheuser Busch has been stating,” Jim Olsen, the president of the Utah Beer Wholesalers Association, told FOX 13. “They’re looking at it and there will be some reductions in the number of products they produce.”

The Utah State Legislature has been looking at moving higher point beers out of state run liquor stores and into grocery and convenience stores. It would require a change to the legal definition of “beer.” Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has told lawmakers it could not handle the increased customer volume as people flock to state stores for heavier brews. “But that’s entirely up to the legislature if they want to give more leeway for heavy beer to be sold in grocery and convenience stores in Utah. I just don’t know what they’re going to do.”

Olsen said he doesn’t believe Utah beer manufacturers could handle the drop in sales from big names like Budweiser, Coors and Miller.

3.2 beer for sale in a Salt Lake City grocery store. (Photo by Ben Winslow, FOX 13 News)

“When you’re talking 32 million gallons of beer sold in Utah, the craft brewers just don’t have the capacity or physical facilities to produce that kind of volume,” he said.

But Sen. Stevenson said there is some fatigue on Utah’s Capitol Hill to engage in another debate over alcohol policy. Last year, the state legislature passed a massive liquor bill that did, among other things, tear down “Zion Curtains” that prevented you from seeing drinks made in restaurants.

Sen. Stevenson said they have a little time to address it (Oklahoma’s law change takes effect October 2018), but he acknowledged the legislature would hear from angry beer drinkers if their favorite brands vanished from store shelves.

“That’s very possible it may not be handled this year,” Sen. Stevenson told FOX 13. “And yet,
mulberry cecily bag Busch warns Utah it may start dropping 3
I’m not sure it makes a lot of sense to push this until we have a let’s call it a ‘violent market reaction’ to not having products on the shelf.”