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Jill Finley didn wake up on the morning of May 26. Cardiac arrest due to a congenital heart defect had caused her to stop breathing.

When her husband awoke that Saturday morning, he found her unresponsive in bed beside him. It had been 10 years since Ryan Finley had taken a CPR class. He dialed 9 1 1, pulled his wife to the bedroom floor and began applying emergency CPR.

Paramedics arrived at the Finley far east Edmond home within 15 minutes. They delivered a shock to her heart from an automated external defibrillator and rushed her to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

To preserve her brain function, a suit at OHH was used for 24 hours to reduce Jill body temperature to a 90 degree hypothermic state, Ryan said. Cardiac arrest had deprived her of oxygen for as close to 5 minutes, he said.

Jill credits her husband and God for saving her life. The couple have been married for four years. And Ryan was a finalist for the 2007 Oklahoma Heart Hero award presented recently at OHH.

Physicians told Ryan that Jill would never recuperate from her 14 day coma, he said. Jill had not prepared an advanced health care directive mandating a Do Not Resuscitate order.

I made the decision to remove her from life support, he said.

It was the hardest decision he ever have to make in his life, Ryan said. Jill said she wouldn have wanted to have lived the rest of her life in a coma after being an energetic, active woman.

don think when you 31 years old that you will have to be doing this with your wife that 32, said Ryan, a plumbing contractor.

On June 9, Ryan had returned from court where he obtained an order for Jill life support to be removed. Ryan asked her to say their phone number, dog name and address. She answered each question correctly within 30 minutes of waking up.

a true miracle, Jill said. The experience taught her to live each day to its fullest.

every day and cherish it because you don know if it going to be there tomorrow or not, Ryan said.

Now, Jill goes to therapy for her vision and balance. She began an exercise regimen to restore her strength.

it your time to go, it your time to go, Jill said. I honestly believe that God has bigger plans for me here on earth.
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Discount york outlet mulberry Outlet 'Heart hero' cherishes wife's life