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SUNBURY Matt Poremsky said every dish he ate at the old Abrana Marie’s Norte restaurant in Williamsport was wonderful.

“Every time we ate there, we left happy and well fed. It was impossible to leave there without feeling that way,” Poremsky recalled about his visits with his then girlfriend, now wife.

However, he said it has been many years since he tasted Abrana Marie’s food. The restaurant closed in 2014, and he hasn’t had the opportunity to make it out to Abrana Marie’s TacoQueen in Sunbury.

So when it was announced that Abrana Marie’s will open a new location at 48 N. 2nd St. in Lewisburg, he was thrilled that it would only be a few blocks away from his apartment.

“With the exception of Marcado Burrito on Market St, which we both enjoy a great deal, there’s no place serving dishes like this that I have been to,” said Poremsky. “So, I am glad to see them about to put their stamp on the local culinary scene.”

Abrana Marie’s owner Doreen Hedricks has played an important role in the Valley’s restaurant industry for more than 30 years.

Hedricks first moved to the Susquehanna Valley from her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1980.

“I was a pioneer in my field,” recalled Hedricks. “There weren’t any other Mexican restaurants in the area. There wasn’t a Taco Bell. You couldn’t even get Mexican products in grocery stores.”

She said she craved the food of New Mexico. She described her home state’scuisine as one that developed a unique flavor profile thanks to the influence of Spanish, Mexican and Native American culinary traditions.

“I missed the food so much from home, I decided to make it myself,” said Hedricks. In 1982, she began cooking New Mexican cuisine at the Beer Barrelin Sunbury.

Her food soon gainedcommitted fans. “I havea customer who has orderedthe same thing for the past 35 years,” said Hedricks.

Angela Brouse, of Lewisburg, said her family loves Hedricks’ queso dip and chips.

“We have a running joke with Doreen that my husband and I are addicted to her queso,
mulberry white bag Abrana Marie's coming to Lewisburg
” said Brouse.

She either wraps the queso and chips for her children’s birthdays and Christmases or put gift certificates for AbranaMarie’s in their stockings.

South Williamsport resident Joe Knight said he became a fan of Abrana Marie’s when it was in Williamsport.

“I really love their roast beef burritos,” said Knight. “I’ve taken relatives from New York and DC there and they’ve been impressed.”

Hedricks started her own restaurant, Abrana Marie’s, in Northumberland in 1991. She ran that restaurant until a fire closed it in 2004. Then she opened Abrana Marie’s TacoQueen in 2011 and ran Abrana Marie’s Norte from 2005 to 2014.

After her Williamsport location closed, she said she spent time looking for a new location but later ended the search.

“I was content here [in Sunbury] until the Lewisburg location fell in my lap,” she said.

Angela Brouse told her that the N. 2nd Street building was open. Brouse and her business partner, Sarah Kline, orignally planned to use the space for their cat cafe, the Scratching Post, before they moved its location to Market Street.

“We’re thrilled that she is coming to Lewisburg,” said Brouse. “We followed her from Northumberland to Williamsport to Sunbury.”

She said Hedricks’ food willadd a unique, authentic new flavor to Lewisburg’s culinary scene.

Hedricks is grateful for all the support her business has received from the people around her, including her husband, George Conrad, and her children.

She said Conrad has played a big part in getting her Williamsport, Sunbury and Lewisburg locations ready. Her son, Jesse, will go with her to work at the Lewisburg location while her other son, Josey, will man the TacoQueen in Sunbury.

Her daughter, Abrana Renn, has played an important role in her restaurants.

She said she also appreciates her loyal customer base. “I feel so blessed that I have such wonderful customers that come back again and again,” said Hedricks. “That’s what keeps me going. That and where would I eat if I retired?”

Abrana Marie’s Lewisburg location could open the first week of January, said Hedricks. She said this location will only serve dinner and patrons must have a reservation for the first two to four weeks.
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mulberry white bag Abrana Marie's coming to Lewisburg