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I am Abiola Adunmo, a graduate of the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Management stream.

I consider this an amazing opportunity to write a few words about my experience as an international student in Selkirk College. Selkirk College which might probably not be the first choice for every international student has added so much value to me in the past two years that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I have had two pleasurable years of learning, developing and utilizing my potentials in the College and even in the community at large with great people around.

Selkirk College located in this small beautiful town of Castlegar,
mulberry outlet online black friday Abiola Adunmo Testimonial
boosts of a wide range of teaching and practical expertise from the classroom to work placements. I had very wonderful instructors accompanied with an excellent work placement Canadian Tire Store 492, Castlegar for my Co Op Education Program.

My experience living on campus was another exceptional one coupled with being a part of the Residence Advisor Team where I built on my leadership skills.

I am glad to be a product of Selkirk College, and even more glad I conquered through all the phases by maximizing the opportunities in this beautiful town of Castlegar.
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mulberry outlet online black friday Abiola Adunmo Testimonial
that’s all that truly matters.