mulberry bayswater satchel A stout taste of Armenia

“When the hail stone comes down it melts a little bit but then it gets re circulated back up where it collect with more rain drops freezes grows larger comes back down again,” says Simosko.made a huge difference, she said, adding that her oncologists have been supportive. it is complementary therapy and not alternative therapy, it can hurt, and if it helps as it has me and countless others, why not try it. Kelly, who is fundraising chair for OICC said more than half of the people with cancer seek complementary care.course, in order to begin those conversations, parents must be aware and engaged with their children enough to know when something is troubling them. Again, communication and conversation on a regular basis is the best approach to developing such a rapport. And these efforts are not and should not just be limited to parents but extend to other adults, such as coaches and teachers, who play an important role in our children lives.
mulberry shoulder bags A stout taste of Armenia

Within moments of stepping into Gevork Kazanchyan’s Eagle Rock home, his mother Mary has placed a copper colored jazzve of Armenian coffee on the stove. sweet would you like it? she asks with a smile. A demitasse of the ultra potent brew later, the conversation shifts to Armenian spirits. Bottles of Ijevan mulberry brandy are brought out. It’s time for a tour of Gevork’s pride and joy: the beer cellar.

Though Kazanchyan works in risk management by day, he is 100% beer geek by night, as evidenced by his fully stocked, custom climatized fridge packed to the gills with global craft brews.

Thankfully that passion isn’t lost on the populace: Since 2008, he has engineered a series of events titled Dionicess, which unites craft brewers, celebrated chefs and artisanal purveyors for an evening of gustatory delight. The series is toasting its 10th installation in June, and in honor of the occasion, Kazanchyan has tapped some of his brewing buddies to collaborate on a very personal project a commemorative beer called System of a Stout.

The idea for this regionally inspired beer was hatched at one of Kazanchyan’s reduction parties, where he and Portola Coffee Lab owner Jeff Duggan chatted over cellared beers about how they might collaborate. Duggan’s coffee cred paired with his background in chemistry made him the perfect fit for a roaster. Then came the tough bit: finding a brewer. On a long shot, Kazanchyan rang up Julian Shrago, of the award winning Beachwood BBQ Brewing. Shrago agreed, and the rest is history in the making.

Dionicess has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2008, where when Kazanchyan paired Glendale’s Mignon chocolates with boutique wines for the inaugural event. His gatherings have since evolved to focus on matching craft beer with food in a unique, unexpected way.

look back at the time that I used to sit and taste everything with one other guy, and now I’ve got an Iron Chef winner [chef Eric Greenspan, Dionicess VII], an amazing world class mixologist [Matthew Biancaniello, Dionicess IX], and a top brewer [Shrago] who want to collaborate, says Kazanchyan, who grew up on the fringes of Thai Town and Little Armenia. pretty amazing.
Of course mass market beer is declining they have only themselves to blame. The big breweries have succeeded in their goal to make beer bland, inoffensive and highly accessible. And during their 50 year campaign, consumer tastes have evolved from white bread to artisan wheat; from Velveeta to Pecorino. But the three major beer companies (and their marketing agencies and industry talking heads) continue to churn out and promote beer as a commoditized product, still spinning the tired “drink this and the hot chicks will dig you” routine.In order to assist them, TWC is seeking donations of funds to cover the cost of pre packed boxes of school supplies, ordered by grade level, as well as backpacks. A $20 gift covers the expense for one child.It’s hard to believe Netflix was once little more than a video store that came a few DVDs at a time via the mailman.
mulberry bayswater satchel A stout taste of Armenia