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12News Station

KBMT is the ABC affiliated television station for the Golden Triangle area of Southeast Texas that is licensed to Southeast Texas. It broadcasts a high definition digital signal on VHF channel 12 from a transmitter in Mauriceville. The station can also be seen on Time Warner cable, DISH and DirecTV satellite services, and other cable systems throughout Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. 287 in Southeast Texas. With the onset of the digital transition, which began more than ten years ago, KBMT has grown its television network base to include five other stations. It carried ABC, CBS and NBC, but lost CBS when KFDM TV went on the air in 1955. Since the FCC did not mandate television sets to use converters until 1964, this KBMT went off the air on August 1, 1956.

The current KBMT TV began broadcasting from its transmitter facilities in Sabine Pass on June 18, 1961 as an ABC affiliate. Before 1961, ABC had been relegated to limited clearances on KJAC TV (now KBTV TV) and KFDM TV. “Doug” Williams and Randolph Reed. The station was later sold to Cowles Broadcasting in 1965, which moved the transmitter site to its current location in Mauriceville, TX. The station was then sold to H Communications in 1970, McKinnon Broadcasting in 1977, and then sold to London Broadcasting in Aug. 2009 and now to the current owner TEGNA Broadcasting in July 2014. In September 2002, KBMT became the first station in the market to transmit a digital signal and on January 1, 2009, KBMT was first in the market and one of the first in the country to transmit 2 major networks in HD on a single RF channel when it added NBC programming on digital sub channel 12.2. This came after KBTV, which previously held the affiliation, switched to Fox. This caused former FOX affiliate KUIL LP (now KUIL LD) to become an Independent and subsequently re brand itself as MYTX. In a ten year deal with London Broadcasting, KBMT began to manage the programming of that station. On July 6, 2010, the station launched Azteca America on a new 4th digital sub channel becoming the first Spanish language television station offered in the Golden Triangle. That channel was dropped in early 2013 in favor of MundoMAX. Due to a realignment, 4 digital channels (3 HD and 1 SD) are carried on the main channel 12 signal while the other two (12.5 MYTX in HD and 12.6 MundoMAX in SD) are carried via the lowpower stations (except in Jasper where KVHP LD on 44 carries the main RF12 signal with ABC, NBC, COZI and MeTV). On September 16, 2009, several changes occurred in the newscast lineup. The weekday morning show, 12News Daybreak, began simulcasting on both the ABC and NBC channels while becoming a full two hour broadcast. on K JAC. and began to simulcast the main channel weeknight 10 o news. On April 28, 2010, KBMT and K JAC became the first stations in the market to air local news in high definition and followed up in July by being the first stations to air commercials and syndicated programming in HD. In the summer of 2016, KBMT was proud to accept the Newscast award from the Press Club of Southeast Texas, the sixth year in a row in which the honor was bestowed upon the station.

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Station slogans”Hello Southeast Texas, Channel 12 and You” (1980s 1991, used when station featured Frank Gari “Hello News”)”The News Station of Southeast Texas” (1991 Local News for Southeast Texas” (1998 Texas First Choice for More Local News” (2001 primary slogan)”Live. Local. Latebreaking.” (2001 secondary slogan)”We Believe in More Local News” (2007 More” (2011
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Discount mulberry wallet men Outlet About 12NEWS in Southeast Texas