black mulberry bags Cyber Monday Aaron Williams forgives 2016 Jarvis Landry hit that helped end career

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house of fraser mulberry bags sale Aaron Williams forgives 2016 Jarvis Landry hit that helped end career

Jarvis Landry immediately regretted his block that knocked out Bills safety Aaron Williams late in the 2016 season, and if it still bothering him, he got some closure today.

It turned out to be the final play of Williams career. He announced his retirement today due to a history of neck and head injuries, and his time as a football player is done at age 27. In his announcement, a length essay on The Players Tribune, he said he forgiven Landry.

you know what? I remember when i was a little kid, i used to watch that segment they had on ESPN with all the big hits Up! or whatever it was called I used to replay those hits on YouTube like crazy. And a lot of those hits were like the one Landry laid on me. So I can be a hypocrite. I glorified that kind of hit myself growing up. Football a violent game. (Expletive) happens. I got no ill will towards Landry.

Here a video of Landry block on Williams, which got him a flag for unnecessary roughness:

Cameras showed Landry apologizing to Williams as he left the field, and he was genuinely contrite after the game.

playing football, man, just playing football, he said. I could take that hit back, I would. The guy has a family to feed, and this is his livelihood. You never want to see that with anybody.

never want to see that happen to anybody. But it football. Injuries like that are not something that sit well. played six seasons with the Bills after they drafted him out of Texas in the second round. He totaled 256 tackles, seven interceptions and 36 pass breakups. Spotrac lists his career earnings as $22.6 million.
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black mulberry bags Cyber Monday Aaron Williams forgives 2016 Jarvis Landry hit that helped end career