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While variety may be the spice of life, these days I attempt to limit my selection of flies to a small number I have had success with in the past, and know, or at least hope, will catch fish under a variety of conditions. One thing you can be sure of, there are always a few streamers, in several sizes, in that fly box.Jeffrey Cecchetti, Cairo, EgyptThe Number of models is planned from Chongqing Changan and SAIC Motor. General Motors is going to launch a new concept of the car having new energy plans. Future Mobility, WM Motors, and LeEco Companies are developing the green car technology. These companies are a startup in the field of electric vehicles. They have spent hundreds of millions for the development.
Discount mulberry Outlet Actress and Star of ‘What Richard Did’

As Richard’s girlfriend Lara Hogan she convincingly portrayed the emotion of a character trapped in an impossible situation following unexpected tragedy and held her own with Jack Reynor onscreen.

A promising actress since first attending the Gaiety School of Acting at the age of seven, Ms Murphy appeared in RTE’s Stardust and The Clinic over the years before winning international critical acclaim with her role in ‘What Richard Did’.

In an interview with IFTN, Ms Murphy discussed her approach to acting, plans for the future, and advice to up and coming actresses hoping to follow in her footsteps.

Ms Murphy, Can you tell us a bit about how you got your big break in ‘What Richard Did’?

My agent sent me in for the audition for ‘What Richard Did’ the October before we started filming. At the time there was no script and I had no idea what the film was about or the character of Lara. We just had some scenes to prepare and it was like any other audition really. I didn’t hear anything after that for a few months until they called us in for a weekend of auditions and then we were cast. Over the next few months we were in and out for workshops and rehearsals right up until we started filming.

What did you find most challenging about taking on the role?

The most challenging thing about the role was probably the range of emotion throughout. Because the first half of the film was so different from the second part, there was a lot of growth in the characters. I think it can be very difficult to convincingly portray how much someone can change over a very short period of time and I really felt there was a lot of emphasis on that with Lara.

Did you receive formal training as an actress,
mulberry locked cosmetic purse Actress and Star of 'What Richard Did'
and if so, where?

I had been aware from a very early age that I wanted to be an actress so I had attended acting classes in the Gaiety School of Acting from the age of 7 to 15. It was a great place for me at the time. All the tutors in there were so well trained themselves and really treated us like young professionals and gave us all the tools we needed for starting out as actors. After I left school I felt I just wanted to jump into a career as soon as possible so I decided against further training at that stage.

What do you enjoy most about being an actress?

I think the best part about being an actress for me is being able to jump outside of yourself for a while. To really be able to explore different characters and the lives different people lead. I feel like with every role you learn something new not only about the character but also about yourself. It can sometimes be challenging to find something within yourself to identify with the character but when you do it can be really exciting.

Can you describe your typical working day?

A typical working day would start about 6am depending on how far away from the set I am. When I arrive I’d usually grab a quick breakfast and then get into my costume. After that I head over to the hair and make up truck. If you’re in the first scene of the day the morning can be quite busy and I’d be on the set early enough. From then it’s just working away. If you’re in every scene of the day I’d be on set the whole day otherwise there can be a lot of waiting around between scenes until you’re needed again. We usually finish up around 7pm.

What actors/actresses are you most influenced by?

I really like Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he’s probably one of the best actors around. He’s been working for so long now and always takes on something new. I’ve never seen him play the same role twice and that is definitely something to aspire to. I’m sure I’ve also been influenced by my mam and sister in some ways. They are both actresses and watching their bravery and intensity over the years has definitely been encouraging.

How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd in auditions?

I don’t think there is any sure fire way to make yourself stand out in any situation. I feel at the end of the day it comes down to the type of person who is casting their film. They have to feel like they would be comfortable working with you and that your personalities will click. I think the most important thing to do is try your best to perform as well as you can and to really do the character justice as you see her. At the end of the day we’re acting and you just have to act as well as you can in the audition room.

Is there anything you can reveal about your plans for the near future?

I’ve decided to take some time to study in the coming months. I’ve been accepted to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York this summer. So I really just want to immerse myself in the method of acting and learn as much about what Stanislavski and Strasberg really had to say about modern acting and its technique. It’s only for a few months so I’ll be able to get back working when I finish in September so it suits me really well.

What advice would you give to anyone wishing to become an actress?

I think you really have to be sure that acting is what you want to do with your life. It can be really hard at times, especially when you’re not working. It’s not the most stable career you could go for. But that being said, when you’re on stage or on set it can be such a great experience. I suppose you have to be ready for a lot of rejection and not to worry too much about it when it happens because it’s all part of it.

‘What Richard Did’ screened at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York; won the Golden Tulip international award for Best Film at the Istanbul Film Festival; and won five IFTA awards in the categories of Best Film; Best Director; Best Film Script; Best Actor; and Best Editing Film/Drama.
Short term, however, the city efforts are focused on providing more shelter spaces.West Ham, which will move into London Olympic Stadium in 2016, is considering plans to find a suitable viewing area, while Sunderland in the northeast is also examining options.eek! Changes! I will try to get used to them before I decide whether I like them or not. Kind of miss the green, though.Misericordia move to zone came in part because of the second half emergence of Chris Fazzini,
mulberry locked cosmetic purse Actress and Star of 'What Richard Did'
who only played six minutes in the first half due to early foul trouble.

mulberry ladies bags Action Team working to keep public informed

The court heard that some of Carr family also let his ex girlfriend into his home on multiple occasions, while other family members called the police to have her removed so that she couldn contact Carr. Nevertheless, Carr spoke with his ex several times during his contact ban.To the left of the living room and foyer are the kitchen, butler pantry, and dining room. A wide archway connects the living room with the kitchen, making these main living spaces feel more open. The kitchen boasts a remarkable oiled hickory island, cherry cabinetry with soapstone and granite counters, dual sinks and Bosch, Dacor, Sub Zero and Thermador appliances. A breakfast area sits next to the French doors that lead to a fabulous screened porch and south facing terrace that offer a spectacular view.A similar questionnaire was completed by a random sample of 19 successful trainees at the end of the course. Additionally, they were asked if they had considered withdrawal, and what steps, in their opinion, could be taken to support peers considering withdrawal.Now, in addition to her work as a celebrant, she is raising money for the Prospect Foundation and the Brighter Futures appeal by running sessions in which people can draw up their own Funeral ‘Wishlist’ a document they can keep with the rest of their important papers.Ruler
Discount pre owned mulberry handbags Outlet Action Team working to keep public informed

Action Team met Thursday, January 11 at Washington County Connections (WCC). Director Holly Thompson called the meeting to order and after introductions, gave her report.

She is still involved with the Healthy Snacks program in Akron and Otis Schools. The program has been going for three years. A Cooking Matters class for childcare providers and those who work with children will be held March 3 in Yuma. Thompson has been busy writing grants.

The Rural Resource Center in Yuma and WCC have job openings. In Yuma they need a bilingual specialist and in Akron, they need an assistant to answer the phones, etc. Tiffany Rogers has been doing that, but she has moved up because she is working with so many different programs. Dental screens will be held in Woodlin, Arickaree and Lone Star Schools in February. They have already been held in Akron and Otis at the schools.

Penny Stumpf from Northeast Colorado Health Department said the new director is Trish McClain.

Stumpf said, “We are still working with schools on healthy nutrition. The WIC program has really grown.”

She was asked if WIC could be held more than once a week in Akron, but said the funding comes from the commissioners and right now they can only fund someone to be in the office once a week. They are also working on oral health and will be holding clinics in Wiggins and will then move to Logan and Morgan Counties.

Director of Akron Head Start, Jen Mehring said they are fully enrolled and fully staffed, although they are looking for a bus driver. They have signed a contract with a registered nurse from Denver and can reach her at any time. They are also going to hold a Dad’s night for the fathers of the kids who attend Head Start.

Rene Gonzalez from Colorado Access said they have been limited to working with two regions, instead of three, and that means they will not be working in northeast Colorado after June 30. A new group, Northeast Partners, is supposed to be taking over in northeastern Colorado starting July 1. Thy have been working with people on Medicaid and those who can benefit from WIC. He said he hopes to get to know the personnel from the new group, so he can let everyone have their information before he has to stop serving in northeast Colorado.

Maria Foy from the Health Department said they are going to have a Communities That Care (CTC) training on January 26. The department is going to partner with Centennial on mental health. They sent out CTC surveys and are going to start compiling the information they received from the surveys and pick the top three problems that were mentioned on the surveys. They will focus on those three groups. Once they finish the report, they will share it with the communities involved.

Sarah Arntt from the Rural Resource Center said she is also working with the CTC program. She has also gone to trainings for a marijuana pilot program where they will host conversations with adults and children so they can start talking about marijuana and they can all give their thoughts on marijuana.

Jeff Appleman from Centennial Area Health Education Center said they are hosting two AmeriCorps workers. All the Sheriff’s Departments in the counties he works with have opened drop boxes for medicines and drugs, except for Washington County. He visited with Undersheriff Robbie Furrow later on Tuesday and they will be working on getting a drop box opened. When that is ready, the Sheriff’s Department will issue a press release. They are hoping to find programs that other AmeriCorps personnel can help with. They have housing available for both of them and one is now working.

Director of the Washington County Green Homes, Brenda Rhea, said they are full and still have a waiting list. They are holding a CNA class now. On February 1, they will host a Cooking Matters class in conjunction with WCC, who does the training. They have a new stone with the name of the facility on it and they will be getting a new flagpole and lights in the near future.

Tiffany Rogers of WCC went to the Akron preschool and read to the students. She also handed out a new book to each child and worked on a craft with them. They will be holding a Nurturing Fathers class soon. She is also working with Margo from Yuma Resource Center on having a health activity learning session. Mobile Pantry has been going very well and they are still holding their coat drive until the end of February, so if you have good used coats, you can take them to WCC and they will give them out.

Jamie Bacon said the Cooking Matters class to be held at the nursing home will run for six weeks. You can still receive utility assistance at WCC, but you need to apply for LEAP at the Department of Human Services first, before you go to WCC. The meetings will be held at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Otis. Their youth group will be providing child care. For more information, call WCC at (970) 345 2225. WCC has applied for a Tablesetters grant and if they receive the grant, some of the funds will be used to purchase school supplies in bulk for parents of school children.

Annie Kuntz, Clerk for the Commissioners, was in attendance, as Commissioner Lea Ann Laybourn was unable to attend. She gave Laybourn’s report, which was already in the paper. They are going to revise some of the fees at the landfill. Laybourn was appointed chairman of the commissioners at the reorganizational meeting held January 9. The commissioners have switched public comment time at their meetings, which are held on Tuesdays.

Superintendent of Otis Schools, Kendra Anderson, said, “I want to thank you for holding these meetings. It gives me information on who I can contact for the different problems we might have. To know what is going on, I encourage everyone to read the school board report that is always in the paper. At a meeting for superintendents from all over the state, we have sent up legislation to modernize the School Finance Act and we will be trying to get a bill into the legislature and get it passed. Otis now has 243 students, which is over 50 more than we had six years ago. A lot of the kids are at the poverty level. I am also still concerned about mental health care for our children.”

There was a question about the Healthy Child Clinic. WCC used to organize them, but now they will be held by the Health Department. WCC will oversee each clinic and they will continue to be held. They are going to talk to the commissioners to see if they can still use the clinic for the clinics. If not, they will check with the Foursquare Church.
Does pet therapy have risks?BELMONT Red Raiders baseball Coach Matt LeBlanc won’t make excuses for Belmont’s first two games of the season.Downstairs, where one of the Colonnade Cafeterias operated until the 1980s, the dining room has become an expansive lounge and party room for the building’s tenants. Incredibly, its one time bar is still in place. On the opposite side of the hallway is a fitness center, complete with locker rooms that allow it to serve office tenants as well as residential ones.Critics raved about Relative Importance, drawing comparisons to former Denis Morris high school mate Dallas Green of City and Colour.Herbaceous perennials renew a large part of their root system annually, so they can recover from soggy conditions. Perennials also have shallow root systems so they can flourish in situations with a high water table.
mulberry ladies bags Action Team working to keep public informed

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However, Purdue did not admit liability in the national settlement.”The focus of this project was, really, to develop a network that would reach out to the rural counties, and let people come together and talk about what services they do have, what is needed and where the gaps are,” O’Regan said.The American Red Cross, in cooperation with Greater Clark County Schools, set up a shelter in the gymnasium at Bridgepoint Elementary School, located directly across Ewing Lane from the apartment complex.NCCPD officials also list detective contact information for anyone who believes he or she has information that might be of assistance to investigators.(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File). FILE In this Jan. 31, 2018, file photo, a Lyft logo is installed on a Lyft driver’s car next to an Uber sticker in Pittsburgh. Lyft and Uber are expanding deeper into health care by offering to take more patients to an. FILE In this March 6, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump listens to a question during a meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. Trump plans to meet with . A woman takes pictures of the high surf, Tuesday, March 6, 2018, as waves continue to breach the seawall in Marshfield, Mass. Utilities are racing to restore power to tens of thousands of customers in the Northeast still with. This illustration from NASA shows Parker Solar Probe spacecraft approaching the sun. NASA is accepting online submissions until April 27, 2018, for sending your name on the spacecraft all the way to the sun.
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Students compete in regional spelling bee for chance at ScrippsStudents compete in regional spelling bee for chance at ScrippsUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 7:53 PM EST2018 03 10 00:53:38 GMTFamily Adventure Day is tomorrow, but activities started tonightFamily Adventure Day is tomorrow, but activities started tonightUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 7:40 PM EST2018 03 10 00:40:37 GMT2018 Family Adventure Day2018 Family Adventure Day2018 Family Adventure Day, the 10th annual event, starts tonight.2018 Family Adventure Day, the 10th annual event, starts tonight.UBS making transfusions available while in the airUBS making transfusions available while in the airUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 6:53 PM EST2018 03 09 23:53:05 GMTCritical patients airlifted to area hospitals will soon be able to receive blood while in the air. United Blood Services is now making blood available for emergency transfusions that take place in the air.Critical patients airlifted to area hospitals will soon be able to receive blood while in the air. United Blood Services is now making blood available for emergency transfusions that take place in the air.REPORT: Toys R Us might have to close all locationsREPORT: Toys R Us might have to close all locationsUpdated: Friday, March 9 2018 4:00 PM EST2018 03 09 21:00:24 GMTCourtesy of MGN OnlineCourtesy of MGN OnlineEarlier this year, Toys R Us Inc. announced plans to close 180 of its 900 stores, but now it appears they might have to sell all their stores.Earlier this year, Toys R Us Inc. announced plans to close 180 of its 900 stores, but now it appears they might have to sell all their stores.Transportation workshop allows parents to voice their bus concernsTransportation workshop allows parents to voice their bus concernsA transportation workshop was held at the school board on Wednesday night.A transportation workshop was held at the school board on Wednesday night.Acadiana schools prepare for solar eclipseAcadiana schools prepare for solar eclipseThird graders at Green T. Lindon Elementary School prepare for the solar eclipse.The solar eclipse is only days away, and schools across Acadiana are getting ready.The solar eclipse is only days away, and schools across Acadiana are getting ready.One dead following crash on I 10 W; westbound lanes closedOne dead following crash on I 10 W; westbound lanes closedOne person is dead following an accident on I 10 West at mile marker 105 (before Louisiana Avenue).
That why Nuss lets youth in the community try out his snow skate.We will not allow our servers and services to be used for such purposes. In order to use our products and services, you must not only abide by all applicable laws and regulationsThe Night of Pvt. Stump Death
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Drawing, writing poetry, or other artistic expressions”We have the right policies in place,” Golden told the board. “We have the right systems in place. What we don’t have is enough capacity.”Albany is not alone in struggling with escalating discipline issues, particularly with its youngest students.Yes, I think you should reach out. Write a friendly email inviting both of them to dinner on a specific night (if his son is in town). Expect that they will possibly ignore or reject the invitation. Choose not to take this personally because how can you? You never met!
mulberry continental purse act of kindness helps reunite him with his family

It had been eight years since Danny MacKillop had seen his mother. The 38 year old had spent the better part of those years living in stairwells and alleys in downtown Toronto a world away from the oceanside Cape Breton community where he was raised.

Danny is addicted to fentanyl and heroin and had shut himself off from his family. Homeless and struggling with an addiction, the man with striking good looks and a contagious smile, made his way by hustling.

Last November, Jason Kirkwood, a special constable with Toronto Community Housing withdrew money from an ATM near his work. He was halfway down the road when he heard an man yelling after him, running to catch up.

looks at me and asks me how much money I just took out of the machine, I get a little guarded but tell him the amount, Jason recounts in a Facebook post.

then asks me to count my money. He pulls the 40 dollars out of his pocket and tells me I left it in the machine. He could have easily just kept the money and I would have been none the wiser. People never cease to amaze me, he wrote.

He thought that was the end of it. But this is where the story gets really good.

A few days later, he gets a friend request from Danny asking Kirkwood to tag him in the Facebook post so that maybe his will see and know (he not such a bad guy. I add him on Facebook and it takes about a month for him to get back to me, and I tag him, says Kirkwood. all of sudden, emails, and posts and everything from his family and friends was overwhelming, exciting. It was fantastic, especially his friends. of course, Danny mom, Mary MacKillop also saw the post and immediately replied.

my God! Somebody knows where he’s at and then I just immediately called Jason and I was just so happy, Mary told CityNews from her Cape Breton home. I mean he’s alive and he’s well and he’s doing good things! used to call home regularly, but two years ago he stopped after he bailed on a rehab opportunity in Ottawa.

just said he had had enough of lying to me. Pretending that everything was okay and he was doing well, Mary recalls.

She and her sister hopped on a plane without a goal but to find Danny and get him help. The problem was, they didn know exactly where he was,
Discount mulberry shop london Outlet act of kindness helps reunite him with his family
and they didn really have a plan.

just walked, we went to all the soup kitchens, Mary says. were nice to us, they let us sitin the back so we could watch people come in. It was cold so they opened up extra hostels and we checked there too. they didn have much luck. The two women marched up down the streets and parks near Queen and Sherbourne, armed with a dated picture and hope that was slowily waning.

They had given up for the day and were determined to start their search again in the morning.

just walking and all of a sudden this person says “I know you, you’re my mother.” I didn’t even see him, he saw me, Mary recalls.

I wouldn’t have recognized him anyway, he was so thin, lots of facial hair. He had a hoody on, and a big backpack and it took me a few minutes to recognize that it was him. He was just dirty, that’s all. this is where his chance for a new start and a cleaner life began. With the support of his mother, he not only physically cleaned up, but he is on his way to recovering a life he once had.

Mary got him on a bus to meet up with his close friend in Calgary who drove him to a Vancouver rehabilitation centre this weekend.

a three year program, Mary explains. could be done earlier, but there the option to stay for three years. hope is once he completed the program, he return to Nova Scotia to be with his family. 67 years old and this was before I went to my death bed, I needed to known where my sons are. Kirkwood isn family, he hopes the best for Danny.

him to even give me back the money, it totally unexpected, he could have used it more than me. I very proud of what he has done. I rooting for Danny. I hope he makes it.
Titled “It’s Not That Lincoln!”, the slender volume published by The Abercorn Pressis a combination of interesting local history and fascinating trivia. For example: Who knew Drayton Street was named for a woman?”Over the years, the Auxiliary Tea has funded many hospital projects including construction and furnishing of family waiting areas in the East Tower and a family lounge at the Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center.”Many farmers import their seeds from other countries with established hemp industries like Canada, Italyand Australia with the help of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The department secures permits for the farmers from the DEA. annually. Unlike Tennessee’s criminal code, the act includes hemp in their definition of marijuana despite the difference in the plants.Friends with benefits is, I think, just a ticket to still have the freedom to hook up with anyone else you like (because you’ve made that arrangement, the other person has no right to be jealous right?), but you still don’t want your “casual” friend to sleep with anyone else they like. In that sense,
Discount mulberry shop london Outlet act of kindness helps reunite him with his family
it’s selfish and dare I say it. inconsiderate (but I suppose that’s the point?).

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“Yes. Yeah, we had a lot of signs from above I think,” Jan responded.”Some people ask me to speak, give a testimonial,” he said. “I’d really rather have the music carry the message.”Jenkins said he spent every year after Wynne’s death meeting with all of the leaders of Greek organizations.The Edmonds School District in partnership with the Verdant Health Commission is hosting an event Jan. 17 aimed at supporting LGBTQ students and families.
Discount mulberry leaf Outlet Act of kindness gives veteran a reason to smile again

Now a police officer, Jon was deployed twice to Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. He had some bad luck with dentists overseas and never went back.

“It started in basic training. I had a toothache, and when they pulled the tooth, it broke part of my jawbone. I actually got deployed to Iraq, and instead of actually fixing the teeth, they filed them all the way down and built them up with resin,” said Jon.

“My kids don’t even really remember me smiling,” he added. “We have three of them, it’s been so long, they’re going to be able to see me smile,
Discount somerset mulberry bag Outlet Act of kindness gives veteran a reason to smile again
and I’m not embarrassed to meet their friends.”

Jon is on his way to getting his smile back. He recently underwent a five hour surgery that cost nearly $50,000.

Two doctors were able to raise most of the funds, which were donated.

“We do a lot of routine surgery that’s necessary, but to do this and actually change a life, and change a smile, more importantly, is fantastic,” said Dr. Craig Horton, a prosthodontics practitioner in South Carolina.
Audiences will fall by more than 30 million as a result of the changes announced on 26 January 2011. Investments in new services are planned in order to offset further net audience losses resulting from additional savings in the 2012 14 period.He also sees pregnancy discrimination affected by corporate downsizing. A staff cut to the minimum can’t cope well with a missing worker, and a mother taking leave can get blamed for increasing workplace stress, he said.It was there that he met Jimmy Fish (guitar and vocals), Patty DeShazo (banjo) and Wendy Corron (fiddle). As the idea grew they added Mike Shepherd on upright base, Doyle Bradley as another guitar, and Desmond Ross giving them twin fiddles.
Discount somerset mulberry bag Outlet Act of kindness gives veteran a reason to smile again

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SEATTLE Many in the Lynnwood area, including young children, are still trying to cope less than a week after 6 year old Dayvid Pakko’s death. On a rainy Thursday night, dozens of parents with their young kids crowded inside Beverly Elementary School for a support meeting.Passengers on a train that slammed into an empty freight train over the weekend in South Carolina, killing two Amtrak employees, described a smoky, bloody scene in 911 calls released to the news media.”We’re very gratified,” Shouse said. “The jury had a very hard week. There was a lot of testimony to keep track of. We’re very satisfied and feel that justice was definitely done in this case.”A special camaraderie is formed over years of shared stages and postshow load offs. Communities are built there. Komatryp and Deadcore each has about a decade of paying dues. That currency has been paying off with recent prestige opening shows for national acts. The experience and memories shared mine the mountain of gold for these musicians.
mulberry purple Acoma Pueblo pottery

The Pottery of Acoma Pueblo, fourth in a series of books about Pueblo ceramics by Dwight P. Lanmon and Francis H. Harlow, is a remarkable record in text, photographs, and diagrams. There is such range and depth in the discussions of materials, paints and slips, pottery forms, and decorative motifs. Consider, for example, the title of Chapter 14 (and this is no more detailed than other chapter titles): “Acoma Pottery with Red Patterns on the Underbody and/or Interior and with Interior Droplets, circa 1850 1920.”

“I don’t think anyone else has ever noticed those red swashes on the inside and tried to come up with any sort of overall picture of what they are,” Lanmon said from his Phoenix home. “Since the book came out, a couple of Acoma potters have said those were signatures of the potter.”

Actual signatures on pots didn’t start until the 1950s, under pressure from dealers. A change in the potters’ cultural milieu that had more of an impact on pottery design and production was the opening of the Santa Fe Trail in 1821.

Jars and bowls dominate the pottery at Acoma, which is popularly known as Sky City because of its location atop a high mesa. The people have produced few animal figures, compared to the output of Zuni Pueblo, for example. “In the older days I think what they wanted and needed at Acoma was jars and bowls,” said Harlow, a longtime resident of Los Alamos. “That was for practical purposes and for sacred ceremonial purposes.”

Although the new book focuses on Acoma pottery from 1300 to 1930, Harlow’s own investigations have been limited to the period from about 1600 to 1900. “I’ve been very interested in trying to understand the nature of their skills as painters. We don’t know what all the symbols meant, but [design is] very important to them. They are major artists, like this business of the rotational symmetry [designs] they’ve done in ways that are extremely complex. No other pueblo has been able to do them that way.”

Harlow is a puzzle solver. It’s obvious in his statements about his work: “Most of what’s been written is about the prehistoric wares coming up to the 1500s. Then it becomes very complicated because there are mixtures of people working with each other and going to each other’s pueblos. “It’s all been fabulous,” he said. “This is one of those things in my life where I could get in on the ground floor and have all the interactions with the Indians and museum personnel trying to put this together, although as [one time Laboratory of Anthropology director] Stewart Peckham used to tell me, ‘Don’t touch this thing. This is so complicated, you’ll never be able to solve these problems.’ I think I’ve made progress.”

A taste of that complexity can be glimpsed in one of the book’s appendices. In their Acoma book, they present more than 800 pottery examples. There is also a chapter titled “Acoma Photograph Album,” which shows 31 photographs of Acoma people taken in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Lanmon said that according to the Acomas’ oral tradition, they came from the Four Corners area, so they look back at Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon pottery as being ancestral. Do any of the decorative motifs on Acoma pottery hark back to Mesa Verde or Chaco? “There is one that we call Tularosa, a style of ancient pottery of the 1200s and probably ancestral to Acoma, but probably not directly ancestral in design. Basic to Acoma pottery is ground up potsherds as temper, and they not only ground up mistakes but when going out on the plains to collect cow dung for firing, they also found fragments of ancient pots, and one of those designs was called a Tularosa.

“We illustrate a Tularosa black on white jar in the book, and it was reintroduced probably in the 1910s or 1920s. So there is a direct contact, but it’s more than likely 700 years apart. Also, there are two ancient black on white pots that were collected by the Smithsonian at Acoma in the 1880s, so the people had ancient pots sitting around.”

Regarding Spanish influences on Acoma pottery, Harlow said there was probably some transference of ideas around 1700,
Discount york designer outlet mulberry Outlet Acoma Pueblo pottery
“but on the other hand, I think it’s not tremendous. I think the Indians were very conservative. They really were not happy about Spanish people coming into the area, and they were working hard to keep their own traditions alive. They had their own religions, and they had to make sure some of their pottery was really dedicated to those who could carry messages to the gods in the skies.” The book states that the potters traditionally “believed the vessels to be sacred and blessed, a gift of Mother Earth.” The precise symbolism of many of the pottery designs remains secret.

“That’s right,” Lanmon said. “We submitted the manuscript to the tribe before it went to press, because we’re not going to get into any of that ritual stuff, to expose any of the ceremonial uses of pottery. We’re really focusing on useful, functional pottery. Cooperation was the key for us with the tribe and neither Frank nor I take any monetary return from these books. Lanmon said that some are handcrafting pots but with commercial clays and pigments, or else they are working with greenwares: preformed, mass produced, slip cast pottery. They sell the latter goods honestly as “ceramics,” while the handmade work is marketed as “pottery.”

“Still,” he said, “it is a bit of a slippery slope down toward mass production. Many are traditional, still going out to collect their own clay and pigments and forming the pots by hand, and they’re very concerned that their children and grandchildren would rather be flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s for a wage.”

Nevertheless, the new book is a great source of pride for the potters of Acoma. After its publication on May 1, Lanmon received an email from one of them saying that a new group is meeting to learn traditional pottery. “My mission may be coming true,” Lanmon said. “Their ancestors will take the young people to the clay pits. It is keeping a 700 year tradition alive.”

If you visit Acoma to attend a public dance ceremony and you buy a pot from one of the people who sell vessels in front of their homes, will it be the “real thing”? Maybe or maybe not, Lanmon said. “Some potters do all three: traditional clays and forming; handmade but with commercial clays and pigments; or the slip cast. But all of the major potters are doing traditional process, for the higher prices they can get.

“The only thing that is rarely done now is firing outdoors. In part it’s because of the style of pottery that’s done now: very elaborate and finely detailed, so it’s fired using kilns. If you get a smoke cloud on the side of a pot, most collectors will say it’s defective, but what that really shows is that it was made in the traditional way from beginning to end.

“They say it’s smelly and smoky and hard on you, and finding enough cow dung these days is almost impossible. Lanmon and Francis H. Harlow identify 941 Acoma potters from the mid 1800s to today. In cases of renowned potters, such as Mary Histia and Pablita Pino, the entries offer details about their work, and all entries provide family affiliations.

After the book’s publication, Lanmon received an email from an Acoma potter. She wrote, “I was going through the pages and started questioning my dad about his parents. I was so excited to find out that my grandmother on my dad’s side is Marie Paytiamo Vallo. Then I saw a beautiful pottery made by her in the book, and it is at SAR. Now, I really want to go and see it. I remember seeing a huge bread pottery at her house when I was a little girl. My dad told me she made really huge ollas for storing bread. I will continue questioning him with more pictures and names.”

Articles”It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America” by David Cay JohnstonHonky Tonk angels sing the truth: The power of women in country musicSongs from home: Sheet music tells the story of New MexicoOur house: Probing “The American Idea of Home””Da Vinci: The Genius”Golden oldies: A lost recording resurfacesHere’s cookin’ for you, kid: Dining out with childrenA rare bird: Maria Schneider and her orchestraBrother, can you spare $40? The best mid priced dining in the city”The House of Broken Angels” by Luis Alberto Urrea
Dembele, Dier and Kane were all key players in their side draining title challenge last season and the trio were also involved for Belgium and England respectively at Euro 2016.took the subway for some reason, says Bobroczky, who had to crouch just to fit on the train. was like, you serious? found comfort on the basketball court when he returned to Europe, where his dad taught him back to basket moves and sky hooks; that helped Bobroczky land a spot with the club team in Italy. He continued to develop his shooting and court vision, but moving with his thin frame was difficult.Peer recovery specialists recovering addicts trained to assist fellow addicts will offer the free counseling sessions Tuesdays in February at the Congregational Community Action Project (C CAP) office, 112 S. Kent St. Peers Niles Comer, Bethany Searfoss and Kim Shupe organized the sessions.(Pics: Getty,
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Fed Cup Site)

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“Officers have already admitted this morning that the increased use is not the same as the outline application. It will cause increased traffic in an infrastructure that already struggles to cope.The mission also helps its area residents get eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental work and help with other health issues. Firebaugh pointed out many health issues deter otherwise able people from work.In May, Justice Jennifer Pritchard heard differing views on the young man who murdered 16 year old Hannah Leflar, the 19 year old said to suffer from depression and other effects of a troubled childhood.”I’m doing it because it’s a massive challenge for me,” he said. “I enjoy the sensation of being on stage and the sensation of improvisation so those are the selfish reasons for doing it.”
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Women who say they were sexually harassed or mistreated by powerful men in television news have banded together to form a support network aimed at changing a newsroom culture they say has given men a free pass to misbehave for decades.

The women behind the Press Forward initiative tell The Associated Press they want a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct at networks, better awareness of legal rights for women coming into the industry and better accountability for executives to ensure safety and improvements.

“Women should not have to go to work and worry that something like this is going to happen to them,” said Eleanor McManus, who said she was a 21 year old job seeker when then ABC News political reporter Mark Halperin tried to kiss her during a meeting in his office. “Women should not worry that mentors may act in an aggressive manner toward them. That’s not fair.”

Press Forward evolved over the last two months after McManus and other women went public with allegations against Halperin, CBS and PBS host Charlie Rose and NBC’s “Today” show host Matt Lauer, and others.

Halperin has said that he is “profoundly sorry for the pain and anguish” he has caused and, in reading the women’s accounts, recognized “conduct for which I feel profound guilt and responsibility.” Rose and Lauer have also offered apologies, while saying some the allegations are untrue. All have been fired.

This was the second wave of an industry wide reckoning that began at Fox News with the removal last year of Fox News chief Roger Ailes and the dismissal in April of the network’s star host Bill O’Reilly. But the most recent revelations came as many Hollywood and other media executives have faced allegations, and more network women have come forward.

At first, McManus and a small group shared stories and hugs over drinks. They kept in touch via text messages and private Facebook groups, including one called “The Silver Lining.” Now they have reached out to other women with shared experiences to build a growing coalition.

“Nobody here is wallowing in their pain and anger,” said Dianna Goldberg May, a former ABC News researcher who said Halperin demanded she close the door and sit on his lap in his office in the mid 1990s when she was 23. “We are doing something to effect positive change in the workplace.”

The group’s first mission: figuring out what’s needed to make the television news business more equitable and effective. The women say they’ll spend the next six months talking with everyone from interns to executives and designing best practices that tear down the status quo.

After Lauer’s firing, NBC initiated a review of its handling of the matter and implemented in person training on sexual harassment awareness and appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

McManus said some of the networks have already expressed an interest in working with Press Forward. public relations firm Trident DMG. “This is, perhaps, the most pressing because this is about the shameful power imbalance that has been in place too long.”

They already have plenty of ideas.

May, now a lawyer, wants the government to give sexual harassment victims more time to file a complaint. Currently,
mulberry cheap bags Accusers take on toxic culture in TV newsrooms
they have up to 300 days.

McManus wants newsrooms to evolve so women at all levels are not afraid to report wrongdoing by a top anchor or producer.

“We stayed silent because we thought we were the only ones,” said McManus. “We didn’t think that this happened to others, and that’s why we stayed silent so long. The cult of silence is finally broken.”

Emily Miller tweeted that Halperin sexually assaulted her while she was a researcher at ABC News. Lara Setrakian was 24 when she says Halperin kissed and touched her while they talked politics in his office.

They said they learned later that some people at the network had been aware of Halperin’s behaviour, but that it didn’t stop. Setrakian said Halperin’s treatment of young women was considered an “open secret” in some circles.

“There’s clearly a problem here,” said Setrakian, now the chief executive of the digital media outlet News Deeply. “They should be launching rigorous investigations on how to fix the problem.”

Changing the culture of television news so that men and women are on equal footing with the same opportunities for advancement is vital to ensuring its future, Setrakian said. That means not only eliminating the sexual misconduct that has caused scores of women to leave the industry, she said, but getting rid of double standards that judge women on their appearance.

“The current culture is muddling the meritocracy,” Setrakian said. “It’s pushing talented people out. It’s allowing toxic behaviour to affect the performance and contribution of certain colleagues. That’s bad for business.”

Marcy McGinnis, who worked her way from secretary to senior vice president at CBS News, said as much as women should be told what resources are available to them if there is an incident, men need to know how to act in the workplace.

“Then we wouldn’t have to train women how to deal with it,” said McGinnis, who now works at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University.
But with some practical tips, you can minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays. You may even end up enjoying the holidays more than you thought you would.Committing to make positive changes in your own life.”We might have to do a temporary tie in and have to come back and finish it,” Schultz said. “There is the possibility it will all get done this year, but with such a short summer construction season you can’t count on that.”five years after her son death to join the organization, because”This past year, there’s been a lot of discussion about parking downtown, and getting to and from,” Holt said. “We can’t fix the whole problem, but we might be a part of the solution to get people downtown. I saw a need there that I could possibly try to fill. Ultimately, I’m in business. When you have a business that provides a service and makes money,
mulberry cheap bags Accusers take on toxic culture in TV newsrooms
it’s good for the whole community.”

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One neighbor, Patricia Villa, said Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, came over to her apartment Wednesday and Thursday and offered her some items, including a new Quran, saying he was going to be deployed on Friday. He was among 30 people wounded in the rampage and remained hospitalized Friday in a coma, attached to a ventilator. All but two of the injured were still hospitalized; all were in stable condition.A woman already had proclaimed she had a strong relationship with God when she was transferred to the inpatient unit for terminal care. The patient suffered from congestive heart failure, and doctors said she could die at any time.”Me,” she replied in a tweet.
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“Due to an alleged threat through social media pertaining to students in the school, and with that being an obviously dangerous situation, school officials and law enforcement did put it on lockdown,” Saunders County attorney Steven Twohig said. Twohig later recanted that claim, saying that Wahoo High School wasn’t placed on lockdown.

Last week, as KETV reported Sunday night,
alexa chung mulberry Cyber Monday accused of threatening students
a student at Wahoo High School recorded a sexually explicit video of a student and circulated it. Law enforcement is aware of the incident, and police are investigating what happened. The suspect in Monday’s threat, a sophomore, is believed to be the victim in last week’s incident, the official said.

“At this point in time, the local law enforcement is conducting an investigation trying to determine all the facts associated with it,” Twohig said. “Once that information is handed over to my office, then I’ll be able to make an objective find on what, if any, charges should be filed.”
“Even though I am not a doctor, my experience working with clients who are struggling with concurrent disorders who are on medication caused me to become concerned that Lucy might have been taking too many medications at the time,” reads a 2012 affidavit from an Addictions Case Manager who had worked with Lucy for several years.Despite the success, some people were critical of the event having cost the city $3.5 million, road closures and security.The young men around O urged him to hold the meeting, and defy the ban. There was confusion. But in the end O could not risk a massacre. He reluctantly ordered that the meeting be abandoned. Sensing it had tripped up O at last, Dublin Castle ordered his arrest. He was sentenced to a year imprisonment,
alexa chung mulberry Cyber Monday accused of threatening students
and finedThat is when she contacted MLA Rob Anderson pleading for an answer as to why there wasn 24 hour health care in Airdrie.

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I love food but, with no sense of taste or smell, eating became a chore. I dreaded meals because I was able only to tell what I was eating by the texture and a faint taste of either sweet or sour.”I been playing music since I was a kid. I haven had any lessons, I just always played,” said Ball, who traces the origin of the group back to a dinner theater night at Asbury United Methodist in 2000.”Crest Nicholson made it absolutely clear it would have gone in for appeal. And we would have lost because on planning grounds there was nothing there for us to turn it down on.”residents are afraid it may contaminated their water wells
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While launching any new business is an exciting venture, the gloss can soon wear off through the friction of simply having too much to do. As well as the invigorating side of business promotion and gaining customers, you have to make time for down to earth tasks like accounting.

Your books are your personal business records; they’re not there to impress anyone or show off your business prowess. You don’t need the biggest and most sophisticated suite of accounting software if a simpler system will give you what you need. The best advice is to keep it as simple as possible. If you’re self employed, without salaried staff, for instance, you don’t need software that demands PAYE information.

Because there are so many accounting system variations, those who’re totally new to bookkeeping could benefit from professional advice. An accountant or bookkeeper can offer guidance on a suitable method and help you understand what you need and how to maintain accurate records.

Hoping books will take care of themselves is risky, not least because it’s hard to chase down missing records when you’re filling in your tax return. As your business grows, professional help can make sure you’re not paying too much tax, as well as maximising your claimed expenses and keeping you within the law.

Accountant, Bookkeeper, or Both?

Having decided to get some professional accounting advice, who should you go to? At first, the differences between the two professional branches of accountancy can be confusing:

Bookkeepers will keep your records straight on a day to day basis. They’ll organise a system that works for your unique circumstances, and take over updating your records. Paying and issuing invoices is also part of the remit, if that’s a service that would help. Good bookkeeping through the year can make the accountant’s job easier, thereby reducing your bill.

Accountants will take a broader, deeper delve into your records to compile your tax return and calculate expenses and allowances. They may offer business or financial advice if they feel you would benefit from their expertise.

Avoid Mixing Personal and Business Finances

Just as you shouldn’t use a personal bank account for business expenses, neither should you use your business bank account for personal spending.

Keeping the two areas of your financial life ring fenced makes accounting very much easier. In business accounting, not only do you need to record every expense,
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you also need to stipulate the reasons.

If, as a sole trader, you absolutely must use money in your business account for personal expenses, transfer the amount as drawings into your personal bank account first. Be strict about it.

Getting paid on time is as important as paying your own bills in a timely fashion. With an efficient bookkeeping system you can see at a glance which invoices are outstanding. Choosing cloud accounting that provides a bank feed makes it easy to track transactions and stay on top of invoices and payments.

In the beginning you can hold one or two clients in your head, but as the business progresses this will become impossible. You’ll need to rely heavily on your accounting system to make sure your invoices are all paid, and that you’re not allowing what you owe to mount up.

Online accounting and banking can make daily bookkeeping tasks easier to track.

Set up a bank feed so your online accounts update as money moves through your bank account.

Make the most of debit or credit cards for expenses, but pay off credit cards each month.

Manage invoices online to generate digital records.

Doing as much online as possible allows you to benefit from HMRC’s acceptance of digital records. It cuts down on your paper trail and saves time you’d otherwise spend organising and storing paper receipts.

Far from being a chore that gets in the way of business, accounting is the key that unlocks opportunity and streamlines processes. Make it a priority to set up a simple, efficient system early on, then adjust and expand as necessary as the business grows.
will be glad when the troops come home, she says, that nobody else will go through what we did.”Staffing continues to be an issue in New Hampshire,” said DHHS Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers at a meeting with the Monitor editorial board earlier this month. “And it’s driven, I think in large part by the sheer number of calls that come into DCYF reporting potential abuse and neglect, as well as the number of assessments that are open.”But at the core of the profession lies the central problem of political philosophy. How does the state preserve order through coercion? When should you use overwhelming force to master lawbreaking? When is it wiser to step back and use patience and understanding to defuse a situation? How do you make this decision instantaneously, when testosterone is flowing, when fear is in the air, when someone is disrespecting you and you feel indignation rising in the gut?Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees, announced his support for new legislation to help veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The bill, known as the Puppies Assisting Wounded Service members Act, would help veterans suffering from PTSD to access innovative treatment methods to improve their quality of life. “Many come home with injuries that are unseen, such as PTSD which affects a significant percentage of veterans who have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A service dog can provide loyalty and emotional support to help our veterans cope with the scars they return with. I’m proud to join this bipartisan effort.”Why not start by banning fundraising during committee weeks? After all, votes are taken during committee weeks, too what’s the difference between those and session? Theydon’t need a law, they can do it in the rules if they’reserious about it.
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Hill drove the teen around for several days in the van they apparently spent at least one night in the vehicle before they went to the Covingtons’ apartment in Chicago. Police said Hill and the teen were acquaintances who knew each other from school.Four lives saved by the donation of restaurateur Simon GrantPollsters’ Comments About Teams They Rankedfound that daily mortality increases by 1.8 percent for every degree above the threshold of 28.2 degrees Celsius, while daily hospitalisation for respiratory and infectious diseases, for example increases by 4.5 percent for every degree above the threshold of 29 degrees Celsius, she said.Spurlock said the four injured officers were in stable condition.
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When it comes to having sex with a potential love interest, many singles wonder: How do I measure up in the bedroom?

Being good at sex isn’t as complicated as people often think, according to the annual Singles in America survey, funded by Dallas based dating service Match and conducted by Research Now.

Eighty three percent of singles, regardless of sexual orientation, ranked a caring and enthusiastic partner as the top two indicators of good sex. Other ingredients that lead to good sex are communication, a good kisser, and someone who helps them achieve orgasm, according to the survey.

have focused too much on sexual novelty, but you should never abandon the basics,” says Helen Fisher a biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser to Match, who helped develop the representative survey of more than 5,000 singles. “Anyone can learn that good sex is attainable. study found that singles also have definite turn offs, including too much talking, no passion, little movement, bad kissing and ultimately not saying “I love you.”

And when it comes to bad sex, women aren’t willing to wait for things to get better, according to the study. The survey found that while the majority of singles believe sex improves after a few sexual encounters with someone, women are 70% less tolerant of bad sex than men.

Emily deAyala, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist at REVIVE Therapy Healing, said that’s good news for women on multiple levels.

“I think we are finally entering into a new era when women feel sexually empowered,” she said.

“They no longer rely on men to take care of them financially, and I think in general not just in the bedroom, they are less likely to stick around for bad sex or a bad relationship, because they don have to.”

And when it comes to the best age for good sex, knocking boots only gets better as you age, according to the survey.

The survey found that the best age for sex in women is 66, and men is 64. A common misconception is that younger people are having better sex, deAyala said.

She notes that some research shows people over 50 and 60 report higher levels of sexual satisfaction than others.

“Feeling comfortable with your body is a part of it, but older individuals also are more likely to speak up about what they like and dislike, which is a skill that is crucial for great sex,” deAyala said.

She added: “The older we get, usually the more comfortable we are in our own skin, and know who we are and what we like. When you’re younger, you are still figuring it out.”

Are we hanging out or dating? The survey found that many singles find their dates online, with only 14% meeting through friends and 6% at the bar. While people are finding potential love interests online, dating doesn’t look quite like it used to, the survey suggests.

Forty percent of singles report casually dating, or hanging out with a few people. Fifty five percent of singles report having a “friends with benefits” situation, where they can have sex with someone who will keep their tryst private. But while things may be more casual than before, 69% of singles reported that they’re looking for a serious relationship.

Although the majority of singles are ready for something serious, the survey found that only 44% reported going on a first date in the past year. While it may seem like the first date is dead, Fisher said people aren’t going on as many first dates because they’re “hanging out” or in “friends with benefits” situations long before there’s a first date.

She notes that before online dating, a first date was often the first time two people met. It served as a sort of “looksy,” or a chance to feel someone out.

“The first date has more meaning than it did, so people are treading more carefully because it many times means the beginning of true courtship,” Fisher said.

Other findings from the survey: Robogasms: Thirty one percent of single men said they would have sex with a robot, while only 15% of women said they were open to robo sex. Nearly half of singles consider sex with a robot as cheating.

Political party affiliations aren’t as big of a deal: Tensions have cooled following the 2016 election, and the majority of singles (72% of men and 71% of women) are open to dating people of different political parties. Only 10% of singles said being a Republican was a deal breaker and only 5% said being a Democrat was a no go.
As the Conference A outfit recycled at pace, Ulster needed a try saving tackle from Stuart McCloskey on Calvin Nash to thwart the Munster winger in the right corner. However, another penalty in the build up this time side entry from Ulster captain Rob Herring gave the red pack a second bite at the cherry, and this time hooker Scannell rumbled over from the rolling maul, 13 minutes in.”I haven’t really talked to these children about (murder),” Floyd said. “But this is not the way for them to live a life. We need to get this community together and have something for these kids to do occupy their minds after school.”In August, a Chippewa County jury convicted Laura L. (Warminski) McClure, 36, of two counts of second degree sexual assault of a child. McClure and her 35 year old boyfriend, Justin King, assaulted the girl on March 21, 2015, at their 912 Pearl St. apartment. King will be sentenced Dec. 5 for his role in the assault.”I like change, and seeing them come at the beginning of the year whether it’s behavioral things or socially, they’re just shy, or they’re not able to express themselves, or cope with a lot of things they see happening in the community or at home, then as time goes by, I can see a major change,” said Gathers Hale.”The role of a firefighter has changed massively over the years but their expertise and knowledge of attending fires puts them in a fantastic position to offer fire safety advice in the home.’Black or White’ wrestles with race in custody drama
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