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With the bottom cover removed from the Intel NUC NUC5i5RYK you can quickly see there are two DDR3L SO DIMM slots and a M.2 slot for your PCIe SSD. The blue SATA III header in the middle of the board and front case panel connectors won be used unless you plan on putting this board in another chassis for a totally custom build. The yellow jumper is for the BIOS security pins that allow you to run the BIOS in normal, lockdown and reset modes. The little white and black thingy majiggy below the yellow jumper is the Near Field Communications (NFC) Vertical Flexible Printed Circuit Connector (0.5mm pitch).

The Intel Wireless AC 7265 wireless card is soldered down to the board with thewireless antennas already attached and routed. This 802.11ac Wi Fi card is actually located under the M.2 PCIe slot, so it just goes to show how thin this solution is. In this picture you can also see two white headers. The white header on the left is a SATA power connector (1.25mm pitch) and the one below the black M.2 slot is the front panel dual port USB 2.0 header (1.25mm pitch).

Above the wireless card you see the standoff for the M.2 PCIe SSD. Intel has these three holes to support 42, 60 or 80mm longM.2 SSD cards. You can also make out theSWAP NS892402 Ethernet Transformer Module and a 4 pin auxiliary power connector.

On the top side of the motherboard you’ll find the CPU Cooler, which consists of a notebook style fan and heatsink that help keep the Intel Core i5 5250U processornice and cool. Intel went with a SUNON MagLev GB0555PDV1 A 1.1W 4 pin blower style fan to keep temperatures at bay. Intel has used this cooler on the previous generation NUC and is said to be a low acoustics active cooling design. The system battery can just be seen just to the leftof the blower. It should be noted that this board does not have aHDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) header on it.

This angle shows just a sliver of the Copper heatsink base plate that Intel is using on the processor as well as the USB 2.0 header along the edge of the board that adds a pair of USB 2.0 ports if needed.

One of the largest chips on the board is the ASMedia ASM1442Khigh speed TMDS level shift IC. This level shifter isfor the HDMI and DisplayPort outputs to ensure 4K video output is nice and smooth.

Here is a shot of the board outside of the case. Note the case has a thermal pad installed on the bottom plate to improve the thermal performance of M.2 devices since they operate at fairly high temperatures.
money clip wallet with card holder Legit ReviewsInside The Intel NUCNUC5i5RYK