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Science news articles about ‘negative outcomes’ Childhood maltreatment predicts range of negative outcomes in bipolar patients . could predict a range of negative outcomes in patients with bipolar disorder .

False positives in TB diagnosis lead to real negatives for HIV patients . Studies tend to emphasize the negative impact of missing the diagnosis . TB is also associated with negative outcomes.” Dr. Blount said the . that disease can lead to negative outcomes,” he said. “We must .

Older liver donors not associated with negative outcomes in transplant recipients with hepatitis C . donors, are associated with poorer outcome, especially with early and . centers, we observed a negative effect from recurrent hepatitis C . that in hepatitis C virus negative patients, and there seems .

Toddlers and TV: Early exposure has negative and long term impact . exposure at age two forecasts negative consequences for kids, ranging . childhood, the fact that negative outcomes remained is quite daunting,” . by smaller projects on one outcome or another. This study .

The negative effects of Internet use . leads to undesirable psychosocial outcomes such as depression . communicate online can have negative consequences, as the . time spent online may produce negative outcomes such as depression, loneliness .

Sex, race, and geography influence health outcomes following primary HIV infection . nonwhite women having the most negative outcomes. After eight years of . of the differences in outcomes. interventions to improve health outcomes in these populations is .

Smoking during radiation therapy for head and neck cancers linked to poorer outcomes . tobacco smoking contributed to negative outcomes with regard to all . to smoke. The poorer outcomes for persistent smokers were . during radiation therapy and poorer outcomes. Researchers were unable to . for research bias and study outcomes, the AAOS and major orthopaedic .

New findings on Parkinson disease and effect on patient behavior . to learning from negative (or punishing) outcomes is normal,” says . the ability to learn from negative outcomes, could explain why some . ability to learn from negative outcomes is reduced and you .

Feeling bad at work can be a good thing (and vice versa) . can also lead to negative outcomes. In a Special Issue . produces positive outcomes, while negative emotions lead to negative outcomes, may be . not always lead to negative outcomes and can be used .

Caltech led researchers find negative cues from appearance alone matter for real elections . correlated with actual election outcomes. For example, politicians . showing that humans prioritize negative information about outgroups” . facial appearance predict the outcomes of political elections,” .

Minority patients discouraged from cancer screening by negative messages . but we may be having negative unintended consequences,” said Robert . The second emphasized that outcomes for blacks with colon cancer . third said that although outcomes for African Americans were .

Both boys and girls negatively affected by sexual harassment . were indirectly yet negatively affected through a school . student harassment, and outcomes for the students. Approximately . associated with negative psychological, health and educational outcomes. Given .

Research examines callous unemotional traits, conduct problems in children . likely to present negative predictors and outcomes, including hyperactivity . more likely to experience negative outcomes at age 12, . peers, emotional problems and negative parental feelings. Fontaine .

Some donor factors affect outcomes for HCV positive liver transplant recipients . donor factors that could affect outcomes for liver transplant recipients, . positive and 60 HCV negative recipients and followed up . both HCV positive and HCV negative individuals,” they report. “However .
leather wallet small Learn more about negative outcomes