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Ardmore, AB: It is with sincere regret that we had to cancel the public forum on rural crime in Ardmore on July 6, 2017. peace officers. of Bonnyville this fall, my only involvement in the proposed public forum was that of a concerned citizen and organizer. By no means, did I intend to make this event about me or my campaign for the Reeve position.

The purpose of the event was to inform and start the discussion about rural crime, and work on real solutions to a growing problem which has already affected too many people. peace officers, it would be an incomplete discussion lacking hard facts.

Peace officers were recently turned down by the province for funding of a crime prevention initiative. For minimal cost, the Reeve could have suggested supporting the program, a proactive measure aimed at crime prevention, in my opinion.

I applaud the recent work by peace officers and the RCMP, and I encourage concerned citizens in groups such as Neighbourhood Watch to stay the course. and it going to take the entire community working together to resolve it.
ebay mulberry bayswater Letter to the editor