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Envy the Rain

I just finished a book. I received it on Tuesday morning in the post, read it right through my first class on Animation, throughout my walk home after my class, on my way to my netball game, on the way home from my netball game, after dinner and then finished it in bed that night.

One of those books you just can put down.

It was special for so many reasons. A page turner for sure, but also so real. Written in the first person it tells the story of a man and his slow return to life after a devastating break up splinters his world. Already on the edge, he hovers painfully between destroyed and hopeful bravely voicing what it is we see when our insides have been turned inside out.

Jamie Boud can write. His talent is evident on his website where his prose and pictures keep his readers entertained and hanging on to every word. But here, in his first novel the Rain he absolutely shines.

In blogland where the walls of friendship and knowing are very fine, I am proud to be a regular lurker at The Known Universe. Although I can say I know him personally nor well, through Drew, I can recognise his spirit and marvel at his honesty and I would be especially proud to recommend his novel for you to read.

Go on. Support him now. It was approved in the Park area on June 7th and is still undergoing approval for others in the proposed 9 areas affected. As far as we go for Park, all the lines have been drawn up on the streets, the machines installed, we just didn have a start date. Already commuters have stopped parking in the area and it more than possible to find parking during the day which strangely enough is not really a relief.

I guess the sight of the machines is enough to warn them off. Perhaps, they think that one day after walking back to their car after work that miraculously, the entire force of the Glasgow parking officer brigade will be busy ticketing those of them that haven already been scared off by the offending looking machines.

The area of Napiershall has been overturned completely, and another victory yesterday was a reduction in resident permit fees from 150 to 50 annually.

A small victory, and not nearly far enough, but certainly proof that a voice in numbers can still be heard.

To be more specific, the descriptions used range from Rain to to Rain and Showers to and of course not to forget Showers and Drizzle
Discount mulberry continental purse Outlet les filles in Glasgow