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mulberry factory shop york Lightning fall to Flames

Johnny Gaudreau had a goal and an assist, Mike Smith made 33 saves, and the Calgary Flames beat the NHL leading Tampa Bay Lightning 5 1 on Thursday night for their fifth straight victory.

Micheal Ferland, Sam Bennett, Mark Jankowski and Matthew Tkachuk also scored to help the Flames improve to 11 5 4 on the road. Gaudreau has nine assists and 10 points during a five game points streak.

Hedman was hit on side of his left knee during a collision with Calgary’s Garnet Hathaway and needed assistance to the locker room. In Tuesday night’s game against Carolina, Hedman could not put any weight on his left skate heading to the bench with three minutes left in the second but returned two minutes later.

Ferland opened the scoring 29 seconds into the game during a 2 on 1 off a pass from Sean Monahan. Ferland added an assist and has a four game points streak (four goals,
Discount mulberry wallets on sale Outlet Lightning fall to Flames
eight points), while Monahan has points in five straight (five assists, eight points).

After Point scored 31 seconds into the second, the Flames took a 3 1 lead on goals by Gaudreau at 16:48 and Bennett on the power play 1:55 later.

Tampa Bay’s Cedric Paquette failed to score on a penalty shot at 5:15 of the second.

Jankowski and Tkachuk had third period goals.

Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy stopped 19 shots.

NOTES: Tampa Bay D Dan Girardi, who took a slap shot to the back of the neck Sunday, missed his second straight game but could return after the Lightning’s bye week. . Flames RW Jaromir Jagr remains out with what the team calls a lower body injury. He has missed 17 games,
Discount mulberry wallets on sale Outlet Lightning fall to Flames
including the last four and 11 of the past 16.



Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets, 601 Wabash St, Michigan City, IN 46360

Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets continues its engagement with Susan G. breast cancer deaths by 50 percent by 2026.

“Our shoppers, retailers and employees have demonstrated their support and commitment to Susan G. Komen over the last two years by participating in all of our fundraising activities,” said Chris Juricic, General Manager, Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets. “We look forward to another successful campaign this year and are focused on fighting a disease that affects so many in our community.”

“We’re honored to continue our partnership with Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets and inspired by their dedication in raising funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer,” said Christina Alford, SVP of Development at Susan G. Komen. “The generosity of Simon is making an incredible impact on the lives of countless women and men and we look forward to what this partnership will bring in the year ahead.”

Visitors to Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets will notice the pink theme carried out at the Guest Services booths and staff will be honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donning pink accessories. Other planned activities include:

Discount Card Program: $10 Discount Cards will be sold providing 25% off one item at participating retailers, including Adidas,
Kay Jewelers Outlet, Levi’s Outlet Store, Michael Kors, Under Armour and Vera Bradley. All proceeds from the sale of Discount Cards go to Susan G. Komen.

Gift Cards: Simon is offering a Susan G. Komen Visa Simon Giftcard. For every Gift Card purchased, Simon will donate $1 towards Susan G. and cannot be used at ATMs or redeemed for cash. Inc.

More than half million powerless after deadly nor’easter

Commuters were facing delays Thursday morning as hundreds of flights were still grounded and more than a half million utility customers remained without power.

Time is slowing down in Europe. Here’s why.

Forget Daylight Savings, millions of clocks in 25 countries across Europe have lost almost 6 minutes since mid January because of an electricity dispute between Serbia and Kosovo.

FBI opens criminal probe of police beating in North Carolina

Federal agents have opened a criminal investigation into a white North Carolina police officer shown on body camera footage beating Johnnie Jermaine Rush, who is black.

Deputy at Florida school ignored training, investigator says

Deputies are trained to “first, interrupt the shooter,” but the initial officer at the Parkland school shooting didn’t do that, a top sheriff’s official said.

mulberry selfridges Cyber Monday Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 LOLER

Discount mulberry handbags for target Outlet Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 LOLER

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)

These Regulations (often abbreviated to LOLER) place duties on people and companies who own, operate or have control over lifting equipment. This includes all businesses and organisations whose employees use lifting equipment, whether owned by them or not. In most cases, lifting equipment is also work equipment so the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) will also apply (including inspection and maintenance). All lifting operations involving lifting equipment must be properly planned by a competent person, appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe manner.

LOLER also requires that all equipment used for lifting is fit for purpose, appropriate for the task, suitably marked and, in many cases, subject to statutory periodic ‘thorough examination’.

What you should do

If your business or organisation undertakes lifting operations or is involved in providing lifting equipment for others to use, you must manage and control the risks to avoid any injury or damage.

Where you undertake lifting operations involving lifting equipment you must:

plan them properly

using people who are sufficiently competentto ensure that they are carried out in a safe manner

What you should know

LOLER is supported by the Safe use of lifting equipment: Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and additional free guidance from HSE.

While the ACOP is not law, this has been produced under section 16 of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSW Act) and has a special status (as outlined in introductory page (ii) of the ACOP). This supports not only LOLER but also the general provisions of section 2 of the HSW Act and other regulations, including the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and PUWER, in relation to lifting equipment and lifting operations.

Other more specific legislation may also apply, for example the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations, when safety harnesses are being used for rope access work during activities such as window cleaning.

Many other organisations also publish guidance material on LOLER and its application in practice, which businesses may find helpful much of which can be found using standard web searches. Additionally, HSE has developed Open learning guidance to assist anyone who wishes to learn more about LOLER.

Although LOLER has a wide application, any lifting equipment used on ships is generally excluded because there are other provisions for the safety of this equipment under merchant shipping legislation. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the HSE and Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) exists to co ordinate enforcement between the different organisations , including matters relating to lifting and lifting equipment.

Most lifting equipment and lifting accessories will also fall within the scope of the Machinery Directive, as implemented by the UK Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations. Such equipment must have been subject to conformity assessment and be appropriately CE marked and accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) before being placed on the market or brought into use. This includes lifting equipment whose only source of power is directly applied human effort (eg manually operated chain blocks and car jacks).

The DoC, which must accompany the new product, is an important document, which should be retained by the user. The DoC may avoid the need for an initial thorough examination before first use in those cases where the safety of that equipment does not depend on the conditions of its installation or assembly.

What is a lifting operation?

Regulation 8(2) of LOLER defines a lifting operation as ‘ an operation concerned with the lifting or lowering of a load’. A ‘load’ is the item or items being lifted, which includes a person or people.

‘Lifting equipment’ means work equipment for lifting and lowering loads. This includes lifting accessories and attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting the equipment (examples of lifting equipment)

Selecting the right equipment

LOLER requires that lifting equipment must be of adequate strength and stability. This adds to the general obligations under PUWER regarding the suitability of work equipment.

Lifting equipment should be positioned or installed in such a way as to reduce the risk, as far as reasonably practicable, of the equipment or load striking a person, or of the load drifting, falling freely or being unintentionally released.

Where people are being lifted, there are additional requirements to prevent people from being injured in / by the carrier, including more frequent thorough examinations.

Marking of lifting equipment

All lifting equipment, including accessories, must be clearly marked to indicate their ‘safe working loads’ (SWL) the maximum load the equipment can safely lift.

Where the SWL of any equipment or accessory depends on its configuration, the information provided on the SWL must reflect all potential configurations (for example, where the hook of an engine hoist can be moved to different positions, the SWL should be shown for each position). In some cases, the information should be kept with the lifting machinery, eg the rated capacity indicator fitted to a crane, showing the operator the SWL for any of the crane’s permitted lifting configurations.
mulberry selfridges Cyber Monday Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 LOLER

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mulberry instagram Lifestyle News

Your Adventure Begins HereYour Adventure Begins HereHouseplants vs. your catHouseplants vs. your catBefore adding a touch of nature to your home with houseplants, it’s important to know what types of plants may be harmful to your cat and which are safe.Before adding a touch of nature to your home with houseplants, it’s important to know what types of plants may be harmful to your cat and which are safe. In fact, some plants are extremely poisonous to cats, and others can cause them to become very ill.Check out this smart pet door that you control via your smartphoneCheck out this smart pet door that you control via your smartphoneA smart pet door that you can control via a smartphone could give pet owners greater peace of mind.A smart pet door that you can control via a smartphone could give pet owners greater peace of mind.Your Valentine’s Day date could be a dog, and we mean that literallyYour Valentine’s Day date could be a dog, and we mean that literallyValentine’s Day is around the corner and you just realized that you don’t have a date. How about giving man’s best friend a shot?Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you just realized that you don’t have a date. How about giving man’s best friend a shot?Pet turtles continue to spread salmonellaPet turtles continue to spread salmonellaKissing a turtle may be more than just yucky sometimes it can literally be sickening.Kissing a turtle may be more than just yucky sometimes it can literally be sickening.Pet pooch may help ease PTSD in veteransPet pooch may help ease PTSD in veteransDogs may be more than best friends for military veterans struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, a small study suggests.Dogs may be more than best friends for military veterans struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, a small study suggests.
alexa chung mulberry black friday Lifestyle News

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mulberry make up bag Life Groups Across the Country Call for Opposition to Pain

Contact: Sarah Quale, Press Secretary, Personhood Alliance, president and founder, Educe, 612 702 3443

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Oct. 36) with several serious flaws. Two of these flaws, say multiple right to life leaders, are detrimental to the common goal shared among the diverse factions of the pro life movement to protect and defend all human life, from conception to natural death.

“As a person concerned with defending human rights,” explains Daniel Becker, president of Personhood Alliance, “I want to let my fellow pro lifers know that it’s okay to oppose laws Republicans put forth and national organizations support, when those laws go against our shared goal as a movement. You’re NOT ‘not pro life’ for speaking up. In fact, by opposing this flawed legislation, you’re upholding the values that we all fight for every day.”

The first flaw, notes Christopher Kurka, executive director of Alaska Right to Life, is the lack of standard language that prevents activist judges from using the law to create a right to abortion. “A simple clause,” says Kurka, “stating that ‘no right to abortion shall be established in this law’ is completely missing. Combine that with language that specifically carves out exceptions to the 20 week rule and explicitly permits all abortions before 20 weeks, denying those younger babies personhood, and we’ve just set ourselves up for SCOTUS to keep Roe intact indefinitely.”

Molly Smith, president of Cleveland Right to Life and board member of Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, agrees: “Whenever you have a piece of legislation that says ‘if you do this and this and this, then you can go ahead and abort the child’ it must be recognized for what it is bill that further enshrines abortion into law.”

Gualberto Garcia Jones, national policy director for Personhood Alliance, explains further. “Forget about how the Supreme Court would analyze this bill, because it will never get past the Senate. Then the pro life movement will be left with another failed show bill, and a poor one at that. We’ve already set a dangerously low bar for House GOP members by allowing them to proclaim how pro life they are,
Discount mulberry sale shop Outlet Life Groups Across the Country Call for Opposition to Pain
all the while knowing this bill’s fate. Now, we do a disservice to our pro life base by pretending that the Senate, who couldn’t even reallocate taxpayer funds away from Planned Parenthood, is going to end abortion after 20 weeks. Instead,” says Jones, “We should focus on a real, winning strategy, which is to hold our legislators to a higher standard and replace those that fail to meet it. But sadly, much of the pro life movement has, once again, lowered its standards in order to have a seat at the table with legislators that are pro life in name only.”

Echoing this sentiment, Dr. Patrick Johnston, president of the Association of Pro Life Physicians explains the second flaw: Exceptions for children conceived in rape and incest. “To permit the killing of some children is to abandon our moral high ground and God’s blessing. Our congressmen and women must protect all those they are duty and constitutionally bound to protect.” Rebecca Kiessling, president of Save the 1 and conceived in rape herself, adds: “My people group feels the pain of discrimination every time so called pro life laws exclude us from protection. What’s more, women who experience the horrific violation of rape deserve better than a law that promotes a second act of violence as a solution.”

Similarly, permitting abortion for children conceived in incest is particularly harmful, as abortion is often used to hide evidence of the crime and give the perpetrator continued access to the victim. “Several studies have shown that abortion is rarely voluntary for incest victims,” says Kiessling. “Like the assault itself, abortion is often forced or coerced, which contributes to the victimization. When abortion providers look the other way, and when we explicitly permit this in our laws, we aid and abet this injustice.”

Ricardo Davis, African American pro life activist and president of Georgia Right to Life, reflects: “A strength of the early Civil Rights movement was its commitment to apply a biblical view of personhood to the plight of Black citizens dehumanized by slavery and faced with daily threats to their lives. Today, we cannot say that HR36 is ‘just’ when it dehumanizes the majority of preborn children killed by abortion.”

“With Republicans in control of the House, Senate, and Oval Office, pro lifers need to ask themselves some serious questions right now,” says Matt Sande, legislative director at Pro Life Wisconsin. “Why aren’t we using this opportunity to put forth legislation that upholds our shared goal? And why are we allowing this current legislation to give cover to our politicians who continue to receive ‘100% pro life’ ratings while directly undermining our efforts?”

These are questions that leaders across the country are rising up to ask right now. Pro lifers are encouraged to join them by calling upon their Republican representatives and national pro life organizations to work toward ending legalized abortion without compromising the foundational principles on which the pro life movement stands.
Discount mulberry sale shop Outlet Life Groups Across the Country Call for Opposition to Pain

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mulberry elgin Life at Scripps

We are a company rich in media history while staying focused on the future. Scripps is one of the nation largest independent TV station owners. Our 33 television stations and 34 radio stations are vibrant businesses. From this position of strength, we are working to stay ahead of the ways in which people use technology to find news and information. But no matter what platform we use, we will always ascribe to our longtime motto: Give light and the people will find their own way.

At Scripps your career opportunities are as endless as your imagination and initiative. Our goal is to hire the best, to spark your passion for the job, and then to nourish your career with tools that will help you to learn and to excel.

Scripps is a place of action and energy, where entrepreneurship and innovation are rewarded. Here, we encourage the hearts of our employees to relish our victories and learn from our failures. We are not just running a business; we are continuing a tradition of respect, compassion and excellence that serves our employees and our communities well.

Many of our people have personal stories about how Scripps has enabled them to take on a new career or to grow in their current position. Join us, and contribute your own chapter to our story.

Scripps is a place where creativity has taken over. We dress up when we need to, dress down when we can and always maintain professionalism. Scripps is focused on creating great work, and great work comes from people who love what they do.

We invest in our employees by providing leadership and sales training as well as many other professional and personal development classes and opportunities. Our core values of courage, compassion, excellence, fairness, integrity and respect are the foundation for our actions. They are fundamental to who we choose to be on the team. We respect our employees and encourage them to challenge the process. We are not just running a business; we do well by doing good. We work together to live our mission to inform, engage and empower our communities.

Community focused storytelling is our passion, and the stories most important to our success are those lived every day by our employees. They give their time and energy to volunteer at community nonprofits or serve on boards. Our stations rally for annual events such as toy and food drives. Some broadcast telethons to benefit first responders while others take a stand against domestic violence. Our employees also leverage the generosity of the Scripps Howard Foundation for grants that empower each employee to contribute to their community in a way that is personal and meaningful.
Discount mulberry dresses sale Outlet Life at Scripps

mulberry french purse Life and death in ancient Rome comes to Phoenix

mulberry america Life and death in ancient Rome comes to Phoenix

A man clambers over a fence in a desperate attempt to escape. A mother comforting her baby is frozen in time forever. A scared dog twists into a strange contortion. These are images from a natural disaster captured, not on film, but in lava, ash and mud.

“When I was working on exhibits in the past, the most frequently asked question I got was, ‘When will you have something on Pompeii?’ So, when the opportunity came to show this, it was the perfect time,” said Sari Custer, vice president of curiosity at Arizona Science Center.

You read that right: Custer is vice president of curiosity. The position was invented earlier this year by the center in recognition of the fact that museum visitors want to see and learn certain things. And Pompeii has topped the list for a long time.

“It’s timely right now because of the natural disasters happening around us not volcanoes, but hurricanes and fires. So, it’s almost hard to talk about it, because it’s exciting but you want to be respectful. This exhibition connects the event of Pompeii to our guests in a meaningful way.”

“Pompeii: The Exhibition,” which opens Saturday, Nov. 18, at the Arizona Science Center, will examine Pompeii before and after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on Aug. Ash and debris from Vesuvius hit the population of the Roman town that day, it caught people off guard. As they lay down in fear or attempted to escape, the debris suddenly enveloped them, capturing people in whatever pose they happened to be holding. For centuries, the town lay buried.

By the time the site was finally excavated in the 1700s, the bodies had decayed, leaving hollowed out shapes in the hardened earth. These became forms for the plaster body casts that were first shown in a private exhibit in Italy in 1777. The exhibition coming to Arizona Science Center has its home at the Naples National Archeological Museum in Italy.

The body casts capture people in a range of poses.

“When we’re scared, we tend to flock together, so there are several of people clutching each other,” Custer said. “There’s a mother and a baby and even a dog. The dog had been left behind, tied up, because those who fled didn’t know how devastating it would be, so they often left behind their valuables and their pets.”

The exhibition remembers the people of Pompeii, not only in their famous deaths, but in how they lived, as well. More than 200 artifacts from the busy trade and military center will be on display, including wall sized frescoes, mosaics, marble and bronze sculptures, musical instruments, jewelry and Roman coins. A small separate portion of the exhibit will feature erotic art in a replica of a Pompeii brothel. Parental guidance is advised for this section of the exhibition, which may not be suitable for all ages.

Custer said the Pompeii show is the first of its kind locally:

“To my knowledge, this is the first Pompeii exhibit to come to Phoenix, as well as one of the biggest exhibits of any kind we have ever hosted,” she said. “It’s beautiful and phenomenal, because you get the feeling that you’re back in time, experiencing what they experienced. You think, ‘Could this be me?'”

To get some idea of what it might feel like to experience a volcanic eruption, the exhibition also features a simulation in a 4 D theater, complete with seats that rock and roll as you smell the burning ash.

While the simulation is probably the only way any of us will know what a volcanic eruption is like, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that we could someday encounter the real thing.
mulberry french purse Life and death in ancient Rome comes to Phoenix

Discount mitzy hobo mulberry bag Outlet Library to celebrate women of Camrose

Discount mulberry daria continental wallet Outlet Library to celebrate women of Camrose

Women of Camrose, you are amazing and we want to celebrate phenomenal you!

On Feb.

Be Your Own Valentine is an event we came up with to pamper and thank the amazing women in Camrose and Area. Almost 70 women attended our first event six years ago, and since then it has grown in both size and scope. Last year there were close to 300 women, and more than 500 in 2015. Visitors are treated to a chocolate fountain, free mini massages, opportunities for creative expression, delectable hors d demo services from estheticians, and a chance at winning some wonderful door prizes that are donated by local businesses and practitioners.

Be Your Own Valentine has become a great venue for women to access information about our community, giving opportunities for local small businesses to connect with possible clients. One of the busiest places of the evening is what we fondly call the mini spa and vendor room. We invite local businesses and practitioners to provide free demo services to attendees, be it a five minute massage, reiki, eyebrow waxing, and esthetics. It is a great, free way for local businesses and practitioners to promote their services, make connections, and give back to the community.

It would not be a library event without the chance to learn, create, and grow. We include art activities,
Discount mitzy hobo mulberry bag Outlet Library to celebrate women of Camrose
displays, and books that open dialogues on relationship, physical, and sexual health and acceptance. It is also a great venue for social engagement, with fancy finger foods, a chocolate fountain, and plenty of spots to sit and catch up with old friends or make a few new ones. This year, we are making hand made book page beads into bookmarks, and will create fabulous lapel pins out of empowering images and words.

We hope that on Feb. 9, women aged 18 to 108 will join us for a fabulous, free night of fun, friendship, and empowerment. Due to the adult nature of the displays, this is an adult only event; please bring photo identification with you.

Nicole Bannick is the Program Coordinator of the Camrose Public Library. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family, baking, comic cons, and cheesy 16 bit role playing games.
Discount mitzy hobo mulberry bag Outlet Library to celebrate women of Camrose

john lewis handbags mulberry Library program facing its ‘last hoorah’

when is mulberry sale Library program facing its ‘last hoorah’

Timmins Public Library staff are asking residents to use a program or lose it.

Tales and Tails of Joy pairs a child with a therapy dog to encourage reading in a safe environment. Francine Denis, early childhood education advisor at the library, said this is the program’s “last hoorah.”

When it was first offered five years ago, had a very, very good response. Everyone would come. Then it kind of died down. and Tails started up again Monday evening, with a few children meeting two therapy dogs coincidentally named Lily and Lilly for reading sessions. There are two more scheduled nights for the activity on Jan. 22 and 29.

Denis said she’ll add more dates into February if people show an interest.

The idea is to pair children with a non judgemental good listener.

don’t judge, said Denis. kind of animal therapy is great therapy. A lot of children sometimes feel intimidated reading to their parents. I know my son did.

then I decided a few years ago to put my son into therapy reading as well. Just like that, when mom wasn’t around, he was able to ask for help from the volunteer.

reading to a stranger and an animal is a lot easier than reading to somebody who may judge you. said there aren’t any restrictions on who can participate, though the program is advertised for and reluctant readers.

there’s a 15 year old that has difficulty reading or doesn’t feel comfortable reading in front of anyone, they’re also welcome to come in, she said.

Denis added that library staff can also help parents choose books to meet their child’s reading level.

It all started when St. John Ambulance approached the library to offer volunteer handlers and their child certified therapy dogs.

been popular across other cities, said Denis. thought it was our opportunity now to offer this to our community as well. Fogal is one of the volunteers. He and Lilly worked with two children Monday night.

help out, and towards the end of it, kids are pretty resilient and they grasp things. They’re little sponges, he said.

not so much only the reading part of it, but it’s knowing that . they’ll have a pet that’s going to be sitting beside them and have that interaction, as well as their undivided attention. and his daughter Emily decided to certify their dogs about five years ago.

thought that it would be a good father and daughter activity, he said. not only good for the folks that we see, but it’s also something fun for us to do together, which is pretty cool. therapy dog certification process includes testing the dog make sure that they don’t have a mean bone in them and that they’re able to be there and not snap back or anything. volunteer said some kids may be shy and intimidated when the reading session starts.

to know there’s an animal there that has got their undivided attention, and they’re not going to judge them in any respects, I think that means a lot for the kid, said Fogal.
john lewis handbags mulberry Library program facing its 'last hoorah'

continental purse Library Diane Myers Halle Library

mulberry handbags uk sale Library Diane Myers Halle Library

The Diane Meyers Halle Library is a major academic support unit at Endicott College for all levels and locations of curricular Situated in the heart of the campus, Halle Library is open 96.5 hours a week during the academic year, with a cyber caf open 24/7 for students. The library has ample seating, environmentally friendly lighting, wireless connectivity, an attractive open floor plan. Numerous computer workstations,
continental purse Library Diane Myers Halle Library
printer kiosks, photocopiers, and a scanner are available. than 260,000 library titles in print and digital formats support the curriculum. Library periodical and research

databases aggregate and enable access to hundreds of thousands of individual full text journal articles across disciplines.

Reference librarians are available to provide both individual assistance and group instruction to support students with their and information needs. They also help students develop information literacy skills that will facilitate lifelong learning.

Endicott is a member of the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE), a network of 28 academic and public libraries. A online catalog enables access to more than three million items across the network. Halle Library is also a participating of the Massachusetts Libraries Commonwealth Catalog, a virtual resource enabling Endicott patrons to access additional of library items across the state. Daily delivery service among NOBLE libraries expedites the transfer of requested On site reciprocal borrowing privileges between NOBLE member libraries are also available.
continental purse Library Diane Myers Halle Library