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DANVILLE Students and adults braved a brisk Good Friday wind while re enacting the final steps of Jesus and marking the stations of the cross.

St. Joseph School students Craig Rinaldi and Alek Matunis, both 10, were the first to carry the cross. The first stop was on the steps of St. Joseph Catholic Church along Center Street.

The Rev. Keith Pittsnogle, pastor of Pine Street Lutheran Church and whose idea it was for the cross walk, told the crowd he hoped it would be warmer next year when Easter is in April.

St. Joseph’s priest, the Rev. William Weary, also addressed to the crowd.

A volunteer read the mediation at each stop and the group prayed together.

At the second station at St. Joseph School, St. Joseph students Aidan Matunis, 7, and Alex Marsters, 8, carried the cross to the next stop in the FNB Bank parking lot.

The group, including a mother pushing two girls in a stroller, and a father with a baby in a stroller, also stopped at Mill and Lower Mulberry streets, across from BJ’s Restaurant, the Moose Family Center, the Danville post office, The Danville News lot, Cole’s Hardware lot, The Good Samaritan Center, an area by the canal, Ferry and Lower Mulberry streets, Lower Mulberry and Pine streets and ending on the steps of Pine Street Lutheran Church.

The walk was sponsored by the Danville Riverside Area Ministerial Association, which also held a worship service Friday in Trinity United Methodist Church.
Discount mulberry bags sale Outlet Bearing their own cross