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Milk is an important source of vitamin D, calcium, riboflavin, protein and energy during pregnancy, yet many women choose or are advised to avoid drinking milk during pregnancy for a variety of reasons, including the prevention of allergies in their children. According to a study, women whose daily consumption of milk during pregnancy was 1 cup (250 mL) or less consumed less protein and vitamin D. As a result, they gave birth to smaller babies than did mothers who drank more milk. The conclusion is every 1 cup increase in daily milk consumption increased birth weight by 41 g; 0.000001g increase in daily vitamin D intake increased it by 11 g.

What milk helps Pregnant women?

Drink three 8 ounce glasses (24 ounces) of nonfat milk each day, or eat a variety of other calcium rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, dark leafy greens (such as kale and spinach), almonds and calcium fortified orange juice.

Avoid Whole milk during pregnancy since it contains harmful fats which affects heart and overall health.

Soy milk is a great low fat alternative to cow milk. Just be sure to choose brands that have added calcium.

How much amount of milk to be consumed?

Some pregnant women may be advised or choose to restrict milk consumption and may not take appropriate supplements. Benefits of drinking milk during pregnancy hypothesized that maternal milk restriction during pregnancy, which can reduce intakes of protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin D, might represent a health risk by lowering infant birth weight.

Limiting milk intake during pregnancy compromises the quality of the maternal diet; women who avoid milk may not obtain adequate levels of vitamin D, calcium ,protein or riboflavin.

Calcium Intake during pregnancy:

Do you know How important is Calcium during pregnancy it helps in calcium to build strong bones and teeth; to grow a healthy heart, nerves, and muscles; and to develop a normal heart rhythm and blood clotting abilities. If you don get enough calcium in your diet when you pregnant, your baby will draw it from your bones, which may impair your own health later on.

Milk restriction is a risk factor for pregnancy associated hypertension. Low vitamin D intake is associated with neonatal rickets and decreased birth weight. Inadequate consumption of riboflavin is associated with decreases in weight, length and head circumference of babies at birth.

Vitamin D for Pregnant women:

when to start intake whole milk during pregnancy

Although most nutrients in milk may be replaced from other foods or with supplements, vitamin D is found in few commonly consumed foods except for milk fortified with the vitamin. Dermal conversion of the precursor cholecalciferol to activated vitamin D is a seasonally unreliable source, particularly when the exposure of skin to sunlight is limited, and may not compensate for low nutritional intake. Under optimal conditions, 15 minutes of daily exposure of the hands and face to sun is required to produce adequate vitamin D, but this conversion is reduced by the prolonged winter season at more polar latitudes, by use of sunscreens with a sun protection factor above 8, and by ozone air pollution. People whose skin pigmentation is dark are more vulnerable than others to insufficient vitamin D conversion.

Clinicians should be alert to the effects of milk restriction and its associated reduction in vitamin D intake, and encourage pregnant women to maintain milk consumption. Adequate intake of vitamin D is especially important during winter months. Here moms get together to form a tight knit group and discuss on their family needs like best schools for their kids, good pediatricians, gynecologists and other specialists for their family. Moms leverage the knowledge of other moms who have been there and done that. Moms share their experience; ask for advice from fellow moms as well as to the expert.
Discount mulberry alexa bag price Outlet Benefits of Milk During Pregnancy