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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher had a heated exchange about Alexis Sanchez on Monday night on Sky Sports.

Neville could not comprehend why Manchester City had walked away from the Sanchez deal, while Carragher insisted that it was about principle rather than money.

Sanchez had two years left on his contract you have to pay Arsenal 75m to 80m and him 200,000 to 250,000 a week. It would cost you 100m, said Neville.

going to cost 100m anyway so I not quite sure what City economics are, particularly when they spent 50m on Kyle Walker and the package of his wages over five years might cost 80m.

willing to put more into Walker than they are Sanchez. I struggling to see why it doesn make sense for City to pay more to get Sanchez because ultimately it seems to me City think they can get him cheaper than the market would be offering for a player of that quality. That what doesn make sense to me. replied: not about money. It might be for Sanchez but not for City. They not bothered about an extra 30m, what that to City? It absolutely nothing. It the fact the man, I would say, has given his word that he going to go to City.

probably shook hands on a deal. They tried to get him in the summer but Arsenal pulled out of it. I sure they been talking all the way through, saying we get you when the window re opens. Manchester United have come from nowhere and offered more money.

not a criticism of United, maybe they have to pay more money at this moment in time than City to get players. even suggested that Sanchez could refuse to go to Manchester United, forcing Arsenal to sell him to City for a lower price.

you are Manchester United you spend 95m on Paul Pogba, you spend 80m on Romelu Lukaku and with the wages you got 120m and even 150m invested in both of them, said Neville.

becomes quite cheap at 100m. if you think about Neymar at 200m and Philippe Coutinho at 140m, I get the point on the morals, but I not sure why City won match them financially. continued to argue that it was about principles, saying: had a deal, they shook on a deal and someone come in at the last minute and offered more money.

the problem. You can talk about City not offering big money. The figures being bandied about, it big money. It all about the player backing out of a deal. not for budging, saying: find it very difficult to think that City can offer less money to a football club, less money to an agent and less money to a player and all of a sudden the player going to take 3m less, the agent is going to take 5m less and the Arsenal are going to take 15m less because everyone wants to go and play for Pep Guardiola. Carragher said: you an attacking player you sign for Guardiola, if you a defender you sign for Jose Mourinho.
mens card holder wallet Neville and Carragher argue about Sanchez money