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Discount mulberry handbags factory shop Outlet nephew releases pain to fight domestic violence

NORTH PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) Robin Dube was a second mother to her nephew, often leaving colorful voice mails packed with advice and humor, but she was suddenly silenced, provoking him to find a unique way to release his pain and hopefully help other domestic violence victims.

Dube was the younger sister of Nick Agnew mom, and he the first family member to talk publicly about what police determined was a murder suicide, since it happened on February 3.

was real warm. She was real outgoing, funny to everybody, Agnew said. miss her every day. to police, Dube was stabbed to death by her husband Michael who investigators said then committed suicide. Among the evidence police found in the Hobson Avenue home were 2 knives, a .22 caliber pistol and a one sentence note that was more confusing than anything else to Dube family. It read, love you Robin but offered no apology or explanation about why Dube killed her and then himself.

Robin Dube was stabbed to death in this North Providence home in February.

been together since they were 18. No one really thought they argued or fought, Agnew said. we really don know what led up to it. I was pretty angry. I was upset and depressed for a while. first sign that something was wrong came from Dube employer, who alerted police that he had not been seen for about a week. Officers then went to the couple home early in the morning on February 3 and forced their way in where they found the bodies.

Agnew heard the horrible news later that day.

went to my mother house and I walked in the kitchen, he said. I saw my brother and my mother there, and they were crying. would get very few answers about Michael motive to turn on his wife, and for Agnew and his family, not knowing why is agonizing.

bothers me every day. I want to know the real details of what happened, Agnew said. was the last person they were talking to? Something must snapped for him to do something like that. may never know why this happened, but I want to help others if I can. revealed they been to the Dubes home 4 times in the past 10 years for arguments, but nothing close to what they found on that snow covered Tuesday in February. Agnew said hindsight has pointed to a few warning signs, but nothing that made his family think Robin was in danger.

look back and you say, oh maybe this was something or that was something, Agnew said. if anyone ever thought she was in danger, we would done something to get them help. added that as close as he was to his aunt talking with her at least a couple of times a week she never gave him any indication she feared Michael.

About a month after the violence, Agnew turned to the outlet he used since he was 13; Music and poetry to express pain he couldn release any other way. What bubbled to the surface is a song called Dear Auntie, performed by Nick hip hop alter ego NickNyse.

can believe that he hit you. I can believe that he killed you, he sings during one part of the piece.

Agnew with his years before the murder suicide.

If he sounds angry during his performance, that real.

pretty angry about it every day, he said. still have flashbacks of it and can envision what might happened. help you get to know his better, he included one of her weekly voice mails, that often brought a smile to his face. She would ramble on and talk about simple things, and you could hear her smile in her voice.

would always send warm voice mails like that, he said.

Her warmth and sense of humor might be what he misses the most.

Agnew hopes Auntie will spark awareness to help domestic violence victims get help.

like, you know I your real mother right? he said with a laugh. say listen here kitty cat. If there anything that you need to tell me. not quite sure why she called him kitty cat, but he liked it.

It now been five months since the murder suicide. Agnew says it not any easier, but he hopes the message in his video will help others facing undetected domestic violence get help.
Discount mulberry suitcases Outlet nephew releases pain to fight domestic violence