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We received an e mail this morning from Linda and Alan Ebright at LizzieKate and they are closing the business the end of March. Their final release will be Spring Smalls at the beginning of March. We be able to do final orders with them until the end of March but as they run out, they obviously won be reprinting or re kitting anything. The distributors (Hoffman, Wichelt and Yarn Tree) will continue to sell their inventory until they too run out.

If you been meaning to pickup specific designs by LK, order ASAP so we can order before they close. We understand their desire to have a fun retirement, but we going to miss them both and Linda designs.

We been talking with Elisabetta for the past few weeks about carrying her new embroidery monogram book and our order shipped from Italy on Feb 2nd. So we expect our copies to arrive in the US around the middle of February.

If you are an embroidery person you want to own this book. Elisabetta is an amazing embroiderer and some of her work has been featured in Inspirations magazine. Mary Corbet will be doing a review of the book very soon so check out her Needle Thread blog to keep an eye out for the review.

You can pre order the book ($32) through our online catalog and we ship it as soon as we get our copies. Lots of stitching fun!

We created a silk conversion for By The Bay Needleart Serenity Harbor when it was released back in 2015 and we have done the same for the new Harbor Haven design. We have parts 1 and 2 of the chart available and have selected a fabric color that is available in 28, 32, 36 40 count, so you can stitch over one or over two on any of those counts.

You can order the conversion on its own, or if you order the silk threads from us it is included. Donna created this design so it can be stitched either as one wide piece or broken down into several sections with a border. We have links to her blog on the order page as well as her Facebook group for this project (which you have to ask to join).

Details on the project can be found in our online catalog or you can call the shop to order whatever components you need. This is sure to be another popular multi part project that will keep many of us busy!

The last of the 5 Mouse In A House designs from Just Nan will be shipping to us in a couple of weeks. If you are on auto with us for this series your name is already on our list. If you have not followed this series and wish to order Frosty Mouse and his house, you can do so through our online catalog or by calling the shop. We do have the 2 fabrics it uses (Belfast Stone Grey and Opalescent) in stock and the design is stitched with DMC floss.

We also still have copies of the Haunted Autumn Mouse In A House and Christmas Mouse In A House (Spring and Summer are sold out).

Jackie and I have finally wrapped up what she is teaching the end of March. With 4 new projects it be a jam packed weekend. 1 is completely designed (Bottle Tray) but the other 3 are still being completed so we be the first to get them all!
Discount mulberry somerset purse Outlet Needle In A Haystack

Pansy/Forget Me Not Fan are the 2 new designs in her fan series. You can specify which one you want and if you are taking the Fan Showcase (a box to display the fan) it will match your design. You can order the other variant from Jackie before class as well. Flights of Fancy is a 3 D balloon complete with a basket you can put tiny goodies in. The Bottle Tray holds 6 bottles to store all sort of fun stuff. Visit our Classes page for pricing and more links to the details pages for each class. As Jackie finishes each of the designs we post new photos to the sign up pages.

We have this linen coming in January but it is already pre sold so we have more on order which we expect to get in February. Alba Maxima is the preferred fabric by Mary Corbet for many of her designs. It is an off white color. If you want a bright white you can order the Old White, which is the same linen but a bright white and we have some of 72″ wide version of it still in stock. The next mill run of the Old White will be 55in wide and we expect it at the same time we get our January Alba Maxima order.

Several designers used Northern Cross linens for their series, including the new Little House Needleworks Farmhouse Christmas series. The distributor for the fabric closed in December 2017 but we have arranged with another of our distributors to bring the fabric into the US. It will be sold under the name Studio Line Linen but we will also list it as Northern Cross to make it less confusing. We expect to get a shipment in mid January or thereabouts. We waiting on the new pricing and once we have that we add the new version to the online catalog so you can pre order it. We do still have some colors counts available but are awaiting the 30 count Natural which most people are looking for. If you are wanting to have your LNS get the linen vs. purchasing from us, you can have them contact the shop for details on how to order it.

Earlier this year we were able to work with our Au ver a Soie distributor here in the states (the amazing Lamora Issa) and bring in a few of the AVAS metallics. What you might not now is that that AVAS has been making metallic thread since the 1950 While not as well known in the US as other metallics they have a softer hand than others and work great for embroidery where the smoothness helps the thread slide through fabric that doesn have holes. Even those who tried it on cross stitch fabric and canvas love the feel and flexibility of them. Be sure read Mary Corbett Needle Thread blog for her review of these threads and for great embroidery information.

In 2018 we be starting an AVAS metallics club that is expected to run for at least a year (we mapped it out for 16 months). Our plan is to introduce the thread to stitchers in shade groups, one each month. Lamora and I have worked out the range and she is working with AVAS to get them made. A few will be colors from their current production list but many will be new since we want to create a shaded range. The plan is for each month to have 4 6 spools of either 4 or 8 braid. If you are a needlepointer you might not know that 8 works pretty well on 18 mesh as long as you don stitch really tight. I have personally started using it for about 90% of my 18 mesh stitching and I find it lays better and is easier to get through the canvas. If you are interested in joining the club you can send us an e mail and we put you on the interest list. Until we get the first sets actually here in the US we won do the formal sign up process and have prices set. As with any new venture, things can go awry so we do the sign ups when we know we can start shipping soon after. The colors we bring for the club will only be available as part of the club so while you don have to participate in the entire series, you can only purchase each month colors as a set.

You find the current colors we have available listed in the online catalog. These are “open stock”meaning you can buy them by the spool.

DMC recently announced that they will be releasing 35 new colors in November. We have added the individual colors to our online catalog.

Nov 15, 2017 Update we have the open stock floss in stock. The tins are not currently expected until January 2018 but you can still pre order one.

The 3rd in the Just Nan 2017 Limited Edition Mouse in a House series, will be shipping to us on August 21st. Miss Ghostly Pumpkin Mouse is a cute little pumpkin mouse with a Halloween themed house. The chart pack comes complete with the specialty supplies, you provide fabric, threads, fusible interfacing and pins. You find the chart pack and fabrics in the online catalog with a list of the DMC colors you need.

She sure to be a popular entry in this series so don delay in ordering. The Spring Mouse in a House is sold out and we do have a few copies left of Summer,
Discount mulberry somerset purse Outlet Needle In A Haystack
but she too is sold out from Just Nan.